If you care enough to text, then why not write?

George and Henry, two nephews I should make more effort to stay in touch with

Over Christmas, we spend a lot of time with our families and all make assurances that we should make more effort to stay in touch and see more of each other through the year.

Inevitably though, with all the good intentions in the world, the thick of thin things soon takes back over our life and we get back into our lazy ways.

But I tried an experiment this year and it really worked. Rather than just sending my Aunty Freda a card and a present, I wrote her a letter. It took me about 20 minutes and ran to three pages of actual writing. It was mainly gibberish about the kids and work and everyday bilge, but she was so delighted that she rang me up to say thanks. She’d not been well, so it gave her a nice lift. She also claimed it was the first letter she had every had from me in all my 43 years. (so what happened to all those forced thank you letters then?)

My first ever boss has been taken il too, so I wrote to him. Again not anything particularly significant in its content, but it allowed me to lay out how much of an influence he had been to me in my early years in advertising and design. And I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

And then twice, when I was about to text people wishing them well on sad anniversaries, I rang them instead and it couldn’t have been more appreciated by both.

I wrote a piece about branded stamps a few months back and had a good response from people, but I’m going to make 2010 my year of the letter. I’m going to write and ring rather than text people. Royal Mail could do with the business anyway as my mate Tim Garratt has stopped using them!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Christmas, have a great New year and speak soon.

If you care enough to text, then call.
If you care enough to call, then write.


The amazing wisdom of a new years resolution generator

I just looked on this site called http://moninavelarde.com and it generates a new years resolution for you. Look what it gave me!

Nice post about branded philately

My clever colleague at Purple Circle, Abi Jackson has written a rather nice little blog post about branding in the world of stamps. Have a look at it here.

It’s one of those areas that you maybe don’t notice there is branding even going on, but the Royal Mail have been quietly doing it for years and there have been many beautiful examples ranging from the current UK theme of Plants (Action for Species) right through to Victoria Cross winners back in 2006. All have real design integrity, because you have to work so hard to design something that beautiful in such a small space and still get the salient information across.

In the US now you can even get Simpsons stamps to celebrate their 20 year run. It was selected as a subject from over 50,000 suggested themes. They are officially sanctioned stamps launched by the USPS and they even ran a vote so that people could select their favourite.

Its hard to deny that we all write fewer letters than we used to, but integrating brands into postage stamps could be a lovely way to get kids interested again. If there were Everton FC stamps, my son would find excuses to write to people. 90210 (didn’t this used to be Beverley Hills 90210 – before it got rebranded?) stamps would get my daughters pen up off her desk and into her hand.

Perhaps we should have Bob the Builder ones, that are subsidized by the brand owner to get kids writing, or maybe even the best postage stamps in the world by Carlsberg, or even McStamps by you know who?

Just a thought, but it does seem a good way to raise revenue for the Royal Mail AND engage with new audiences.

Letters, Just do it.

The best of British stamps
The best of British stamps