Purple Circle new website – Ready for 2011

After my post yesterday about Purple Circle winning Midlands Design Agency of the Year again, I am now very proud to introduce you to Purple Circle’s brand new website.

Purple Circle - New Website for 2011
Purple Circle – New Website for 2011

Please have a good play, help us spot any holes that we may have left and pass it onto your friends and family to play with too.

It’s a lot more Google friendly than the old one and we think it’s a lot more easy to navigate.

We’ve added lots of new stories and some projects you may not have seen before.

Our work over the last few years has become more and more digitally focused, so this is a reflection of our current thinking in what works well online.

Hope you like it.

Anywhere, better, best – in an age of austerity, it just makes sense

New Orleans floods from the air - the perfect place to show the concept of anywhere, better, best in action
New Orleans floods from the air – the perfect place to show the concept of anywhere, better, best in action

I’ve just written a bit of our latest thinking on the Purple Circle blog. You can read that here in full.

It came from Kelly Herrick, but in summary, our thinking goes like this.

If you were in New Orleans when the floods hit, you needed to get anywhere to save yourself. Up a tree was okay for a short time. It was about survival.
When the water subsided and you could get to safety, a better situation was in a football stadium with hot water and a bed for the night.
When you eventually were rehoused in a new and safe area, you reached the best position.

In some ways, many companies and brands are in the same position. Parts of what they are doing are in the anywhere section and parts are in the better, or maybe even the best, so why change all of it at once?

But have a read and comment away if you disagree.

The best TV ad of 2010

I’ve just seen this article written by Champagne Jane on the Purple Circle Blog and I love it. In my opinion, this is the best ad of 2010 (so far).

We were at some awards a few years ago when the team at Specsavers were robbed of the gold and Grand Prix awards for their previous ad called Collie Wobble. I was so incensed that they didn’t win (probably because they were a in house team rather than an agency one) that I went and told them and also told the judges that we wouldn’t be entering their awards again unless they got their judging criteria sorted.

These guys do consistently brilliant work in building their brand and their powerful strapline and should be applauded for it. So for those who’ve forgotten it, here’s Collie Wobble.

I’m looking for a web developer for Purple Circle’s Nottingham Studio

Purple Circle's Nottingham studio
Purple Circle’s Nottingham studio

If you’re a developer or know someone who is and they feel like a change of scene to come and work at Purple Circle, then click this link to read the role definition of exactly the type of person we’re looking for.

The job is a full time position based in our Nottingham studio and is to start in January 2010.

At Purple Circle, we’ve won lots of awards over the years and we’ve been around since 1991, but we’ve never been as strong as we should be in the online world.

The work will be varied and start with rebuilding our own site to incorporate all of our social media content and making sure that Google and the other search engines, love what we’re doing as much as we do.

To find out more about Purple Circle, click here.

Look at our blog here.

And download the web developer role definition here.