Fantabulous 3 for 2 offer at BeWILDerwood – October half term – BeWILDerwood voucher

It’s unusual to see an offer like this from BeWILDerwood, but it’s a good one with a 3 for 2 during the NORFOLK October half-term. Just download it and then bring it with you to get in cheaper. Just out of interest, it’s normally quieter on Saturdays as that’s the day that people are travelling to and from Norfolk.

Johnny Lyle - BeWILDerwood 3 for 2 October half term 2013

Mountain Dew – Creating a high energy brand

Mountain Dew are trying very hard to create a position in the market for their version of a lifestyle energy drink. I’m sure none of their target audience actually need the extra burst of energy, but they are at least carving out a very clear position when you look at them against the likes of Red Bull, Monster Energy and more recently, No fear.  Mountain Dew is owned by PepsiCo, so they have the budgets to do great stuff, but I still love the energy in these films.

The position they have created is less serious than Red Bull, it just has more energy. Red Bull has gone super high budget and from research I’ve read they are more appealing to the parents than the cool kids. Interestingly they are offering the chance to get involved yourself, which has to be a great strand for future competitions.

Good work PepsiCo.


If you want an actual but quite alternative review of the six favours of Mountain Dew, then look no further than the brilliant review by a chap from Arkensaw called Patrick. My particular favourite is when he mixes them all together and then describes the flavour as ‘Just like I remember it. Just like Diabetes’

Thanks for sending me the links to my very talented colleague Ben Bradley.

Paul Bennett – Ideo – 20 minutes to change your thinking

Updated finally but well worth a watch. People, Authenticity, Service, Simplicity is the Essential make up for any brand

Johnny Lyle's new brand thinking

This is a guy called Paul Bennett speaking at the Economist Conference and it as changed (again) the way I look at things.

His four words:





Can be applied to any business in any field. If you get them right, you can create a clearly differentiated successful business and a successful brand.

Stick with it as he does come across as a bit superior and has one of those funny mid Atlantic accents. There are a few more killer points that come across to me too.

1. Play well with others. We will achieve more by working as a collective and working together.

2. Be transparent and listen to feedback. If you have things to hide, customers will see it and tell others.

3. Look for people with passion behind the eyes.

Just brilliant simple stuff. There must be a part two as it does end…

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