Brand Based SEO

To build a brand you need to manage every element of the public profile, so my fastest growth area of work has been in Brand Based SEO and Social Media Management, particularly in the Visitor Attraction, SaaS and renewable energy markets.

Here are some up to date figures from a few of the projects I’m working on. Remember these figures are including three months of COVID-19 lockdown business, so to continue to show growth with no Adwords support is exceptional.

2020 was a tough year for the attractions industry, so I used the time when they were closed wisely to deliver HUGE growth from the 2019 baseline to 2021. WIth a 23% conversion rate, it’s no wonder the visitor numbers are through the roof.

Attractions Industry Growth in traffic 2021 to 2019

It doesn’t seem quite fair showing figures comparing 2020 to 2021, but let’s have a look anyway.

Attractiuons industry growth 2021 to 2020

This is a bigger client with an online magazine. Year on year growth 2019-2020

year on year growth 2019-2020 from Johnny Lyle SEO

Not bad, but when you compare it to the previous year too, you’ll see real and sustained growth

Two year growth 2018-2020 from Johnny Lyle SEO

I’m pleased with that. And so is the client.

When it comes to smaller local firms who serve a radius of around 50 miles, it’s always going to be harder to deliver real growth in traffic and enquiries. There are just fewer customers available than approaching a global audience. That said, even during COVID-19, I’ve still delivered a significant growth year on year with full advertising support last year and almost none so far this year.

year on year growth 2019-2020 from Johnny Lyle SEO for smaller local client

Here’s a recent Summer campaign I ran for a client showing year on year growth.

Johnny Lyle SEO year on year summer campaign traffic

Here are three case studies showing year on year Easter Success in the attractions sector.

Client 2 Easter Year on year growth Client 3 Easter 2019 compared to 2018

Client 1 Easter 2019 compared to 2018

And if you’d prefer on-site training, I offer that too. here’s a recent course I ran.

SEO and Social media training by Johnny Lyle
SEO and Social media training by Johnny Lyle

The feedback last time was pretty good


Brand based SEO is the management of the brand into the online arenas and creating a consistent and compelling online presence that drives genuine traffic into the business. You’ll see the figures below in this anonymised snapshot from a client Google Analytics page. It shows the year on year figures over the same period in the run up to Halloween. Last year 14,594 sessions, this year 68,828. This has translated into a massive increase in numbers through the doors of the park itself. All of this, without undermining ANY of the brand values. In fact all of this whilst building the brand and reducing the marketing budget and team head-count.

Year on year web traffic comparison with excepttional brand based SEO work by Johnny LyleBack this up with some pretty special Facebook figures too and you see how it works in the real world. Over nine months, I have added over 12,000 new Facebook friends and even grown the engagement.


Here’s another one. Working on this one for a year with a whole new site and more streamlined approach to the way we move visitors through the site. Big numbers already, but now far bigger with a 36% growth over the same period last year.

SEO that works - Brand based SEo with 36 percent year on year growth

And hot off the press, here’s another rather significant increase on a different site where you can see the work I’ve put in start to take effect. Whilst the numbers were very small before, they are now growing very nicely month on month.

Month on month increase with brand based SEO by Johnny Lyle

This is after a few days involvement with another new account. Over 400% increase month on month.Johnny Lyle SEO and brand marketing for business that works

I don’t suppose everyone wants to be known for the term ‘fairy Walk, but when Audley End Miniature Railway wanted to start promoting their new Fairy and Elf Walk, we set about promoting it.

As you’ll see, we now occupy the first four positions on Google for the term. Not bad in a few months.If you want to be found for a particular search term, then this is how you do it. Brand based SEO by Johnny Lyle

So the first rule of SEO is ‘what do you want to be found for? What terms are you looking for someone to put into Google for you to be found? Decide this and you’ve already started in the right direction. And then the fun starts.

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