If you care enough to text, then why not write?

George and Henry, two nephews I should make more effort to stay in touch with

Over Christmas, we spend a lot of time with our families and all make assurances that we should make more effort to stay in touch and see more of each other through the year.

Inevitably though, with all the good intentions in the world, the thick of thin things soon takes back over our life and we get back into our lazy ways.

But I tried an experiment this year and it really worked. Rather than just sending my Aunty Freda a card and a present, I wrote her a letter. It took me about 20 minutes and ran to three pages of actual writing. It was mainly gibberish about the kids and work and everyday bilge, but she was so delighted that she rang me up to say thanks. She’d not been well, so it gave her a nice lift. She also claimed it was the first letter she had every had from me in all my 43 years. (so what happened to all those forced thank you letters then?)

My first ever boss has been taken il too, so I wrote to him. Again not anything particularly significant in its content, but it allowed me to lay out how much of an influence he had been to me in my early years in advertising and design. And I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

And then twice, when I was about to text people wishing them well on sad anniversaries, I rang them instead and it couldn’t have been more appreciated by both.

I wrote a piece about branded stamps a few months back and had a good response from people, but I’m going to make 2010 my year of the letter. I’m going to write and ring rather than text people. Royal Mail could do with the business anyway as my mate Tim Garratt has stopped using them!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Christmas, have a great New year and speak soon.

If you care enough to text, then call.
If you care enough to call, then write.


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7 thoughts on “If you care enough to text, then why not write?

  1. Actually I am with you too John; I was just irritated by the stupid postal rules! We seem to make life so much more complicated than it need be. I actually like writing (and said so in a blog some time ago -http://timgarrattnottingham.co.uk/2009/10/20/adapt-or-wither/ ). I agree with you that a letter is quite a powerful tool – and one we should use occasionally.
    What might come out of this is less stuffers / newsletters – which are now all in real time (twitter et al?) and more concentrated / targeted written work… But our postal service needs to sort itself out before it’s too late!
    Happy New Year!!

  2. Hope this reply still counts as writing. Thanks for your view John. For those of us with professional hats on we get so hooked into communicating ‘one to many’ and forget the power of ‘one to one’. Somehow that personal crafting of a handwritten message shows to the reader that we’re prepared to invest time and effort on communicating with them. And it wasn’t just the words that made the communication sweet – for your Aunt it was the simple fact that you’d done it.

    The Relationships Foundation http://www.relationshipsfoundation.org/ has done a tremendous amount of work about taking communication seriously in every area of our lives – a useful place to turn for inspiration at the start of this New Year.

    Snail mail may be slow, but when it arrives it goes straight to the heart.

    Best wishes for 2010.

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