About Me

I work with visitor attractions and other interesting businesses to focus their marketing. My particular expertise is in using classical marketing principles to really make digital marketing work hard and deliver SEO that drives genuine customers – not just vanity traffic.

In the words of Mark Herbert of Stonor Park, “Johnny knows an almost scary level of detail about what people are thinking and when and how to get them to spend money’

My background is in Marketing and has been all my working life. So, it’s all learned through years and years of actually doing the work in the real world.

What I mean by this is that I get inside your customers head to understand them and then deliver them to your door with a mix of digital, social and SEO strategies. Some of these are simple and others a bit more geeky, but all have been found by investing my own time and money in my own online businesses. It’s funny how differently you spend money when it’s your own and not your clients you’re experimenting with.

Most of this won’t be found in any textbook but comes from practice and really caring about what works and what doesn’t. What builds business and what doesn’t.

But however hard you push your SEO you have to remain on brand. In fact, if you don’t you’ll always do more harm in the long run. You can read more about that on my SEO and Social Media page here.

Some of the brands I have worked with or created that I am most proud of, or where I have helped create the most significant change include:

Current Consumer Brands

Marwell Wildlife – Digital Marketing Consultant delivering digital marketing strategy and complete web rebuild

Stonor Park – launch marketing for the new Tumblestone Hollow attraction and the new accommodation provision

Audley End Miniature Railway – Ongoing brand and marketing

Sundown Adventureland – Website development, ongoing Social Media and Marketing

National Football Museum – Digital Marketing Consultant delivering marketing strategy

Arlowe Wild –  Character development and marketing for a new audio book series

Current B2B Brands

We are CAP.Co – Creating amazing adventurous places to play

Blooloop – The Theme Park Industry Industry Magazine – Web development and ongoing brand and marketing

Kimpton Energy Solutions – HVAC and Renewables Contractors

Kimpton Acoustics – Design and manufacture of Acoustic Engineering Products

Pharmaseal – Clinical Trial Management Software (SaaS)

Azquo – Data Analytics (SaaS)

Previous Consumer Brands

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure – Brilliant children’s adventure park in Norfolk – Website recovery, ongoing Social Media and Marketing

Ukandoo – Online Academy – Lesson Development and Head of Marketing

Kidzania London – Website development, ongoing Social Media and Marketing

Gordon Castle Scotland – Beautiful Luxury Gin and Consumer brand

Hatton Country World – Attraction development and ongoing brand and marketing

BeWILDerwood – Brand creation and ongoing management (DBA Gold Winner and Drum Grand Prix for best Marketing Launch 2009) – Finished October 2014.

Holkham – Ongoing marketing support and SEO

Lightning EV GT – The British Electric Supercar – Website development, ongoing Social Media and Marketing

Mini Schnauzers – Schnauzer fan site – Website development, ongoing Social Media and Marketing

Notts TV – Ongoing marketing support and SEO

Oates and Co – Live a more beautiful life – Marketing and SEO

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard – Brand strategy – working with A Different View

Go Ape – Brand development

Brooklands Motor Museum – Brand strategy – working with A Different View

Shakespeare’s Schoolroom – Brand strategy – working with A Different View

Foxhills Resort  – Brand development

Althorp – Brand development

Previous B2B Brands

Feefo – Brand development and ongoing SEO and marketing (SaaS)

Garmendale – World Class Theme Park Engineers

Gateway Ticketing – The best ticketing system in the world – Marketing

Constellations – Experts in classroom refurbishment

Innes England – Brand development

Cartwright Communications – Social media marketing and web development

Public Sector

Derbyshire County Council – Rebrand

Nottingham City Council – Rebrand


Worksop College – Values development

UCL – Small Business Growth Mentor and Social Media Programme Leader

University of Nottingham Students’ Union – Rebrand

Confetti – Rebrand and ongoing marketing support

De Montfort University – Rebrand

United World College of the Atlantic – Rebrand


If you want to get in touch, you can try the following ways:

e-mail me by clicking here

Or find me on Linkedin here

To contact me in other ways:

Johnny Lyle/Effective Marketing and SEO that works

+44 (0) 151 542 5069

DBA Gold winner, 2009 for the branding and launch of BeWILDerwood

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Congratulations Johnny!
    This is a great website.
    It is always interesting to read your blog and I get the sense of reflected glory knowing we are related, haha!
    Hope you are all well.

  2. Hello,
    Regarding johnnylyle.co.uk
    I am emailing to see if you have any advertising opportunities currently. I am looking to promote a car insurance comparison site that is about to relaunch next month. If you could send me details of of any text link placements you can offer along with pricing information, I can make an immediate decision and pay by Paypal today. Ideally we would be looking for a link within a sentence of text, placed on your homepage only.


  3. Stumbled on your site whilst following a trail. One of my forebears (William Hooper) was involved with Hooper Struve and I’m trying to find out who wrote the rubbish on the back of the Hooper’s brands currently being marketed by Global Brands. Are you saying you have papers relating to the early company business or to the recipes?
    Regards etc
    John Hooper

  4. Hi. I am following a similar trail, but for different reasons. I am collating the known history of the Royal (German) Spa in Brighton and am having trouble finding information on the Hooper Struve years , despite it being within local living memory. In the main I would like to get hold of any Hooper Struve livery to decorate a lemonade stand at the summer fair of the nursery school that stands on the site (40th anniversary this year!). Can either of you help me?

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