Yeo Valley – X Factor Ad

I have just been sent this by PRDaily and it’s another good one by the genius admen at BBH.

I’m proud to say I didn’t see it on X Factor (as I have never seen it and hopefully never will) but it is a strong ad on the back of their major repositioning.

But I can’t help but notice quite how similar it is as a parody to the Blink 182 video ‘All the Small things, where they played up the over the top boy band video.

So for me, the Yeo Valley ad isn’t the most terribly original idea, but it is another beautifully produced ad that hits its younger target audience very hard.

The cleverest ‘simple’ TV ad ever made?

I am totally captivated by this ad for Johnnie Walker. It looks so massively simple and yet has a huge production team behind it. Robert Carlyle is an amazing brand spokesman who hits every cue, every line and every nuance perfectly.

I’ve always admired the work of BBH (And we have one of their ex copywriters working at Purple Circle!) but this has to be up there with one of the best pieces of advertising I have ever seen.

Thanks to Tony Long at Cultural Exception for showing me this ad on the front of his site.