Yeo Valley – X Factor Ad

I have just been sent this by PRDaily and it’s another good one by the genius admen at BBH.

I’m proud to say I didn’t see it on X Factor (as I have never seen it and hopefully never will) but it is a strong ad on the back of their major repositioning.

But I can’t help but notice quite how similar it is as a parody to the Blink 182 video ‘All the Small things, where they played up the over the top boy band video.

So for me, the Yeo Valley ad isn’t the most terribly original idea, but it is another beautifully produced ad that hits its younger target audience very hard.

3 thoughts on “Yeo Valley – X Factor Ad

  1. well done for having never watched the XFactor! it is a great achievement. All the small things was released in the year 2000, The resemblance is undoubtedly there, 11 years on, this is a good take on the idea. Good shout

    1. That probably shows my age. I loved the Blink 182 ad at the time and it still looks pretty fresh now. But good on Yeo Valley for being brave and pushing their brand.

  2. I’ve seen so many facebook comments on this ad, I had to watch! Brilliant stuff – most notably the fact that this client was willing to take a HUGE risk and run with something completely different for to what’s traditional and expected within the sector. Any ad agency’s dream customer! Must have been such a fun shoot too…

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