The Sheriff of Nottingham in USA Part three

09.09.09 – What a cool date to start the first major part of our trip

The first full day of our trip and a busy schedule to start with. I’m still reeling with jetlag, but my phone going off at 5.30 local time here gave me an earlier start to the day than I was planning.

So here’s how the rest of the day is shaping up, but its still subject to change, if more direction comes in from the people we are speaking to here and at home.

9.00am, we’re off to Paul Smith’s shop in LA for some promotional shots with the Sheriff. Paul Smith is one of Nottingham’s most famous sons and one of our most fierce and supportive advocates, so its great to be able to give him and his worldwide business something back for them to use in their own promotional materials.

10.00 It’s off to the Getty Center Museum, which is a beautiful building and a huge collection of different collections. Not quite sure what this will contain, but it will be interesting. We’ll be guests of their VP in charge of group visits, so we should be able to mine his knowledge.

12.00 Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is one to see as to how they have created a trail for tourists. Its one we have to learn from. How do we create our own Robin Hood trail throughout the city and county. Is it one to learn from or is it (as I suspect) a bit of a touristy nothingness?

2.00pm Universal Studios. This could be great. We’re meeting with some of their senior managers to find some behind the scenes info on how they do it, how they’ve funded it and how they manage their promotions and marketing. This could be one of the highlights of the trip, but I’ll add images and a full story later.