Do you think Social media is a fad?

I saw this article on Mich Slack’s blog yesterday and had to add it to my own stuff. It is a truly amazing short video that will scare the living daylights out of you if you think that social media is a fad.

One highlight for me is this:

Radio took 38 years to get to 50 million users

TV took 13 years to get to 50 million users

The Internet took only 4 years to get to 50 million users

and the iPod took even less time at only 3 years to get to the magical figure of 50 million users

Facebook reached  100 million users in 9 months and now growing at over 600,000 users per day. It now has over 300 million users.

Watch it and weep if Social media isn’t already central to your brand planning.

Even further on than this, Google is becoming too slow as it isn’t real time whilst Trendwatching are predicting that ‘Nowism’ is our new future. Read their own amazing download here and then subscribe to get it every single month.