Mountain Dew – Creating a high energy brand

Mountain Dew are trying very hard to create a position in the market for their version of a lifestyle energy drink. I’m sure none of their target audience actually need the extra burst of energy, but they are at least carving out a very clear position when you look at them against the likes of Red Bull, Monster Energy and more recently, No fear.  Mountain Dew is owned by PepsiCo, so they have the budgets to do great stuff, but I still love the energy in these films.

The position they have created is less serious than Red Bull, it just has more energy. Red Bull has gone super high budget and from research I’ve read they are more appealing to the parents than the cool kids. Interestingly they are offering the chance to get involved yourself, which has to be a great strand for future competitions.

Good work PepsiCo.


If you want an actual but quite alternative review of the six favours of Mountain Dew, then look no further than the brilliant review by a chap from Arkensaw called Patrick. My particular favourite is when he mixes them all together and then describes the flavour as ‘Just like I remember it. Just like Diabetes’

Thanks for sending me the links to my very talented colleague Ben Bradley.

Brilliant ‘wide boy ‘ tactics used by Red Bull

Monster Energy - Who sponsor events and behave in a way that is perhaps even less subtle than Red Bull
Monster Energy - Who sponsor events and behave in a way that is perhaps even less subtle than Red Bull

In an article in the Publican Magazine published yesterday 09/11/09, Wetherspoons, the Pub operator accused Red Bull of ‘Wide Boy’ tactics in trying to get their drink back into their pubs.

Last month, Wetherspoons, had delisted Red Bull in all of its 783 pubs and replaced it with Monster Energy. This brand is one of those ones that has come out of nowhere by sponsoring all sorts of monster truck and drag bike events.

What Red Bull have been doing is sending in students, with a can of Red Bull up their jumper who were then briefed to say they had to do it because they didn’t like the taste of Monster Energy. For me, this is exactly the sort of subversive and slightly naughty idea that you would expect from Red Bull and despite the fact that they have now been caught, I say good luck to them.

In a taste test, both Monster and Red Bull would come out as a bit horrid and sugary and more like a cough medicine than a drink, so it is more about the image than the taste. The only reason that I can see that Red Bull has been delisted is for purely commercial reasons. They have been given a better margin or a bigger incentive to stock Monster, who are obviously trying to ‘buy’ their way into the Wetherspoons estate. If this isn’t wide boy tactics, I don’t know what is.