Kids, iPads, conventional media and Blippar

This is a sweet little video that is in fact quite scary. A small child that is so used to the moving media that an iPad presents, that they are completely stumped when they are presented with a magazine and it’s contents.

It’s probably quite worrying to the owners of the print based media businesses how irrelevant their media is to younger audiences, who consume more through video than through print or conventional reading (sadly).

But Blippar may have an answer, as they are linking the two. It’s early days yet, but i’m quite hopeful about the way this augmented reality technology is going and the opportunities it offer for brands.

Samsung Galaxy Tab preview

It’s the first real competitor to the iPad (which is brilliant) and called the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Whilst we haven’t got any prices yet, you can be assured it will come in cheaper than Apple’s finest.

It also has the front and rear facing cameras that the iPad most pointedly doesn’t have to make sure we still buy iPhones and MacBook Pro’s.

It looks pretty cool to me and apart from the crappy Android operating system, it could be a serious player.

Clamcase for iPad – what’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong, I like it. It looks cool. Just like a laptop. But if you were going to shell out for one of these clamcase protectors, wouldn’t you just be better getting a laptop in the first place that has the extra features like multitasking and an inbuilt camera, more memory etc etc?