Loyd Grossman new ‘For One’ Range of Pasta Sauces

Loyd Grossman New For One Range of Pasta Sauces - this years mustn't have product range

I’m going to stick my neck out here and predict that this product will fail, quickly and spectacularly. Expect it to be discounted in a major retailer near you sometime soon.

Research will say that it is very sensible buying a single serve pack. There’s less waste and it is fabulous quality i’m sure.

But research isn’t real life. In real life, we like a bit of extra sauce to find something to do with and most importantly, research doesn’t show up that buying this will show you have no friends.

Like the Strand Cigarettes ads from the late 50’s (which I really can’t find a decent reference to) where they used the classic line ‘you’re never alone with a Strand’ showing a man in a dark coat on a windswept bridge under a single street light. The public saw this as a loner considering suicide, so the product failed and failed spectacularly.

I believe for all the same reasons, Loyd Grossman’s sauces for one will go exactly the same way – however nice they taste – as who wants to imply to a shop keeper that tehy are sad and have no friends?