The best book on branding?

I’ve just finished this brilliant book about branding and ideas. As my real name is Johnny anyway, I only bought it because the title caught my eye. Its not new and in many ways, its not that original, its just very simple back to basics stuff.

Its full of really strong and simple ideas to consider when you are looking at any form of branding or rebranding project.

Did you know for example that Bill Schley states that people only buy ANYTHING for one (or more) of eight reasons?

So what are they?

Well, they want to feel..
more secure,
more attractive,
or more successful.

Has he missed any?

We’ve been wracking our brains to think up any other reasons, but think he has it about covered.

Have a click below if you want to buy it for yourself from Amazon. They have lots in stock new and second hand.

Why Johnny Can’t Brand: Rediscovering the Lost Art of the Big Idea