Brand Experience(d)

Whilst this giant lion looks on from the top of the cage at Puy du Fou
The Lions of Puy du Fou

There’s two types of brand experience. Forgettable and unforgettable and the difference is often quite small.

The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy.

There’s no such thing as a USP anymore, so we have to search for Very Small Differences (VSD’s)

Consumers understand brand behaviour better than ever and aren’t easily fooled, so if you want to stand out at all, you have to be consistently good in every little thing you do or say as a brand.

So, to create brands, you need to create a brand experience and to do this consistently well, you need someone with real brand experience to guide you through it. With experience comes the ability to not only see which of the small differences matter, but to amplify them into usable, marketable edges that a commercially viable. That consumers, want, that consumers love and that you can consistently deliver.

This is brand experience(d) and it’s what I do.

I work and have helped create many different types and sizes of organisation in almost every sector.

Garmendale Engineering – World Class Theme Park Engineering as Head of Marketing helping the business to deliver worldwide.

We are CapCo – Creating amazing spaces for families to play together as Chief Attention Getter.

Kidzania London – Working to improve the reach and effectiveness of the marketing. This is another great example of explaining the brand experience with moving images.

And then Audley End Miniature Railway.  A total reposition and relaunch which has seen some amazing results and lots more happy customers.

I’ve done some lecturing at UCL and University of Sussex on marketing and social media, with my good friends from Clemorton.

And my long term project carries on with Feefo, I now head up the SEO teamadvising businesses worldwide on their SEO and Organic stars.

I’ve got other exciting projects on for Confetti Media GroupNotts TV and Hatton World and i’m doing working on the launch of an online academy, coming soon.

And there’s always room for more if you want me.


If you want to get in touch, you can try the following ways:

e-mail me by clicking here

To contact me in other ways:

John Lyle/Brand Experience Director

Mobile: +44 (0) 7973 427 721

Office: +44 (0) 115 846 0080

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