Jamie Oliver in Boots – The other guy blinked

 Jamie Oliver in Boots - A sort of meal deal with Innocent
Jamie Oliver in Boots – A sort of meal deal with Innocent

I have written about Jamie Oliver in Boots a few times and the brand asking to extend the lunch price from £3.29 to nearer £7.00. A lovely idea, but unlikely in practice.

As much as I wanted to try it, I couldn’t quite bring myself to buy the sandwiches. Call it mental block or sheer tightwaddiness, But finally, the other guy blinked and they have added the whole Jame Oliver range into a form of meal deal. It’s not within the full £3.29 spectacular, but rather a £4 partnership with Innocent.

This is quite clever. Brands hang out with brands that work for them and make each other look good. By sharing the deal, the two brands feed off each other and may both benefit.

So, I bought one. A ‘Proper Salmon Sarnie’ and I have to admit it was up there with the nicest sandwiches I have ever had from a supermarket. Certainly equal to the taste of the ‘Taste the Difference’ sandwiches in Sainsbury’s, which are part of their £3 meal deal.

So, maybe there’s hope for the range yet.

3 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver in Boots – The other guy blinked

  1. Like you, I could never bring myself to buy one Jamie’s Boots sandwiches for £4.50 when I could get something from Pret for the same price (if not cheaper). By the time you added a bottle of Diet Coke and a little fruit cup, you’d be paying £6 which is usually my lunch budget at Boots for meal deal + cheeky nail polish purchase. However, after seeing the link up with Innocent and the £4 price tag, I’ll be picking one up. Wonder how long the deal will go on for.

    1. I would be quite surprised if the Jamie sandwiches didn’t remain within some sort of meal deal for good now. That s assuming they have seen an increase in slaes durng this trial period.

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