Living without an iPhone – a social and business experiment

We all have too much stuff in our life. Too many possessions, too many media choices and too many ways of accessing any piece of available information from anywhere in the world.

And I’ve had enough, so i’m making a change to the way I run my life and the first stand will be against my beloved iPhone.

I am on 24/7. always checking mail, checking share prices, checking scores and checking things I don’t really need to know.

A book I read many years ago by Isaac Asimov called Azazel, stuck in my mind. I’ve blogged about it here before.

By being so on all the time, i’ve lost my downtime, my time to think, my time to learn and understand. People expect an instant response, but instant isn’t always best, it’s often quite glib, so I want to change.

For an initial one week, my iPhone is staying at home, switched off. I’ll check my emails when I am in front of my computer and i’ll try and deal with them first time.

I’m going to spend tomorrow getting rid of all the emails in my inbox. Currently 70 in number – Most of which need some sort of action. On Sunday, i’ll be into the new regime.

I’ve been a bought a new phone today. The simplest and cheapest they had in the shop. A Samsung GT-E2121b at only £9.45. A bargain from Phones 4U. Sold to me by a young lady called Adele, who thought I was a bit simple when I told her my plan.

Adele from Phones 4U Nottingham Victoria branch - Complete with perfect sign above her head
Adele from Phones 4U Nottingham Victoria branch - Complete with perfect sign above her head - That's the bloody point - I don't want emails on the go!

I’ll try and update the blog every day to let you know how I get on with it.

3 thoughts on “Living without an iPhone – a social and business experiment

  1. I admire the plan, but think it is fundamentally flawed. As a prolific emailer (I receive between 80-100 per day and send around 85) a week without instant, always on access I would be snowed under within days. A week would be an insurmountable problem – as it could well top 600+ emails that NEED attention. I think the real issue is re-educating people about the use of email. We need to get rid of the cc. button – and ‘reply to all’. And there was a great idea I heard today – people should be charged personally 1p per email they send! Now that might make you think? Good luck – I will email you on the hou, every hour – and they will become more demanding (as a client)…. Tee Hee….

    ps the Adele may have a point!

    1. I will still be dealing with my emails, but at one sitting rather than the process i go through at the moment.

      1. Read
      2. Acknowledge with a reply
      3. Think
      4. Arrive back at the office later
      5. Bring myself back up to speed
      6. Deal with email.
      7. File email.

      Under the new regime

      1. Bring myself back up to speed
      2. Think
      3. Deal with email.
      4. File email.

      Thanks for your support. Mate.

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