Safari, Firefox or Chrome

Google Chrome - Better than Firefox and Safari? - certainly less crashy and slow
Google Chrome - Better than Firefox and Safari? - certainly less crashy and slow


I’m a bit of an Apple fan and believed they could do no wrong, but their battle with Adobe over Flash is killing them slowly and by a thousand small steps.

I don’t want Flash on my iPhone as I agree it may well slow it down even further, but I do want a browser that works.

I have had so many hanging pages in the last few weeks from Safari that I have completely switched to Google Chrome as my default Browser.

There have been a few of the most committed fans getting twitchy. Not least Tim Garratt when he got stiffed over his .mac account.

I do use Firefox as one of my browsers, but only so I can keep my shared Google calendar open as it uses a different user name and password to my other accounts. Maybe it comes back to connections again, but I never really connected with Firefox.

But Chrome is good. It is now much faster than Safari, allows clever plug-ins and seems to never crash. Even with sites that have Flash embedded on their front page.

Is Apple losing their grip? or is Safari due a major upgrade.

If you want to see a brilliant Google funded experiment with the power and processing of Chrome, have a look at this site. Put in your home Postcode, wait a few minutes and sit back and enjoy. The first few minutes are dull and then it will stagger you.

10 thoughts on “Safari, Firefox or Chrome

  1. I agree John, something has gone horribly wrong in the last month or so with Safari. It drives me mad – I keep thinking I have bandwidth issues, but I don’t. I just hangs and seems to be constantly ‘loading’ the page – even when it has clearly loaded. Trying to access the office via webmail is just frustrating beyond belief! Apple need to sort this – Chrome is much better and is now my default browser.

    1. I can only imagine it is a Flash issue. My suspicion is that it is Adobe getting their own back and putting i a ‘bugger up Safari’ button into their code to teach people a lesson.

      It can’t be a coincidence that it is Flash based pages that cause all the problems.

  2. I’ve fought shy of using Chrome simply because I get twitchy about the amount of personal data Google wants to feed into its database monster. May be the battle’s lost already, may be I’ve not woken up to the realioty of the world we live in, but I get the impression that Chrome is one of those services which is good for us but great for Google, if you get my drift.

    1. All you lot are cleverer than me. I don’t think those sorts of issues through too far as i’m sure all of our data is accessible anyway to the right user.

      I just want a browser that works and is as fast as possible.

      Shall we start an Internet rumour that Adobe are deliberately nobbling Apple users on Safari?

  3. Hi John, I gave up Safari a few years back due to the high processor load it seemed to need to render a page, Firefox beat it hands down on memory and CPU use, adding three plug ins speeds it up even more, block flash, better privacy, and finally add block plus.

    A lot of page loading problems “hangs” are due to third party servers and services rather than Safari having a bug, also a lot of crashes or complete page hangs are actually due to Flash not loading properly or a vendor is using the secret LLC and disc storage feature of Flash to store a cookie you cant see on your machine.


    1. Bloody Hell Viv that’s far more information than most of us would have ever known too. My example page is the Oxford mail Oxford United page that takes a feed in from Sky using a Flash based E-player.

      I gave it up as my home page in the end as it was taking ages to open and even longer to allow me to leave the page.

      I don’t like the sound of secret code being dumped on my machine though.

      1. Oh my mistake did you want the short answer then 😉

        Flash can be buggy but often its the server that flash is waiting for content from that is the issue, all browsers suffer from this to some degree.

        Hidden cookies are a privacy issue as well as a security issue, (point of attack) so I block them on principle.

  4. Interesting, I thought it was only me that was deeply suspicious of Google. Like Richard, I don’t trust them an inch. Like they collected everyone’s wireless internet details by mistake – right…

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