Bye Bye JJB Sports

JJB sports are as good an example as any that changing a logo changes nothing. All the papers were this week reporting that they were closing a further 45 stores that weren’t viable.

For me, you may as well close all of them as they are all pretty unpleasant in terms of a shopping experience and i’m now never quite sure if I’m in a JD, a new JJB, and old JJB or even a sports retailer above a DW?

JJB Sports - Sporting an old logo Rushmere_(05),_August_2009
JJB Sports – Sporting an old logo Rushmere August_2009

You can see below a lovely example of their bold new rebrand with a jaunty high tech logo that made no difference at all.

JJB Sports - Sporting a new logo Belfast, June 2010
JJB Sports – Sporting a new logo Belfast, June 2010

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye JJB Sports

  1. Hi John – as always spot on and great observation. This case demonstrates that a new logo alone can’t fix things, what’s needed is an all encompassing business strategy… won’t miss them when they eventually all disappear!

    1. Lucy, as we all know, It is very easy to create a brilliant business plan on paper. We can all assume that we only need to take 10%, 1% or even 0.1% of any market.

      To go out and actually do it is far harder, takes longer and normally fails to notice that there are often very many other people out there competing for the same share of hearts, minds and pockets.

      To me this is the JJB problem. They may have spaces on the high street, but who wants to wear Champion? and why would you not just go to Sports Direct and buy better clothes cheaper?

      The simple answer is that they are. Sports Direct are doing brilliantly at the direct detriment to JJB.

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