ITV’s new TV series Identity

Anyone see that programme on ITV last night called ‘Identity’ about a crack unit working to solve identity theft related crime? I did.

Anyone going to be watching it again next week?

No me either.

Here’s the promo clip.

What a load of old derivative nonsense. It just proves to me that ITV haven’t got an original thought in their head as they have copied BBC’s Spooks so completely that they even took Keeley Hawes to star in it. But she’s a bit more stupid in this, oh and more obviously sexually suggestive with the interesting male lead (Aiden Gillen).

Scenes with all four people with their back to each other so they could face the camera as a unit. Casual conversations over the office partitions, a really bright and nosey computer geek, troubled Irish hero with a past – is he a loose cannon that could go off anytime? All stupid, stupid, stupid.

ITV has struggled for advertising revenue over recent years so they have tried more and more lowbrow programming to drive mass markets to their screens. But who with a brain will come back and watch this. I’m sure it may appeal to some, but not to me.

I don’t think I am that unusual in wanting to be entertained, interested and not massively patronised by the stupidity of the programme I am enduring.

This is ITV’s brand values gone all wrong. As I read in an old Peter Mayle book earlier, it’s the bland leading the bland!  If they turn out rubbish like this week in week out, they’ll lose the rest of their audience.

Oh, and Keeley. Can you name ONE person who’s career has blossomed by moving to ITV? Again, no me either.

3 thoughts on “ITV’s new TV series Identity

  1. I cannot stand Keeley Hawes, she tries too hard – she absolutely ruined Ashes to Ashes for me, I couldn’t watch it.

    As for moving to ITV… Jonathan Ross just signed up didn’t he?…. Should be interesting.

    1. Sorry, but I didn’t see Ashes to Ashes but I agree she certainly tries a bit hard on this one!

      Jonathon Ross to ITV is a really obvious move. He can carry on being more mainstream, a bit more ‘shocking’ and now he has pretty much sold his soul, he can cash in over the next few years whilst his career tanks.

      Great artists and brands constantly reinvent themselves to stay fresh and relevant. My gut feeling with Jonathon Ross is that he will trot out the same old shite with slightly less passion than he did for the BBC.

      Just like Adrian Chiles
      Des Lynam
      Paul O’Grady
      Christine Bleakley
      Steve Rider
      Murray Walker

      Did any of them move for ‘creative’ reasons or for money?

      That move seems like a pretty sure way to end your career to me.

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