Hello Kitty Engine Oil

There are brand extensions and there are brand extensions too far. This one is perhaps the furthest and least relevant stretches for any brand I have ever seen. Let me introduce you to Hello Kitty motor oil.

Hello Kitty Engine Oil - The stupidest brand extension ever?
Hello Kitty Engine Oil - The stupidest brand extension ever?

Hello Kitty is a hugely successful brand owned by the Japanese company Sanrio and Agip (Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli) who make the oil for them are the huge Italian oil and fuel company based in Milan.

Surely this should be  recipe for cutting edge japanese design mixed with sharp Milanese style?

Err no.

It’s just stupid. Who would possibly think that adding an oil to their car that is given credence by a cartoon cat would do it any good at all? How can the Hello Kitty brand values of cuteness and pink bear any relation to the inside workings of an engine?

It can’t. I’m afraid this just looks a bit silly.

I don’t think Castrol should be too worried about it denting their market share just yet.

2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Engine Oil

  1. John, I think you may have missed the subtle sexual undertones to the ‘branding’. I don’t need to spell this out? Lubrication, ‘kittens’, Italians?

    Get down and dirty I say.

    I would put it under my bonnet….


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