Back to the future – The rebirth of DeLorean?

According to Piston Heads, the DeLorean may be on its way back. As a sort of merger between the brand name of DeLorean and the engineering of the Pontiac Solstice. There have been some sketches released that point to a cool looking new sports coupe.

You can see the DeLorean Motor Company here. They’re already more up to date than they were in that you can even follow them on Twitter. To add some credence to this story, you can also sign up for updates of the New DeLorean Solstice website here. I’m all signed up already.

The new Delorean?
The new DeLorean?
The new Delorean from the rear?
The new DeLorean from the rear?

On the surface, you would imagine that this is another disaster on the scale of the original DeLorean build, where the final product didn’t even get close to the huge hype that surrounded it. For a brand owner, this was a classic case of overpromising and seriously under delivering.

After John DeLorean was accused (and subsequently released on grounds of entrapment by federal agents) for drug trafficking in 1982, the business declared bankruptcy but the name lived on through various enthusiastic amateurs, but really came to the fore as the star of the 1985 film ‘Back to the Future’.

DeLorean’s background had been with Pontiac, having developed the Pontiac GTO, so there is a form of brand connection, even if the characters are now totally different.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have always loved the idea of the DeLorean. Maybe because it was always doomed or maybe as it was such a good case study of getting it wrong and the product was just sooooo bad, but I think this has a chance of being a winner.

Delorean_DMC12 - All gull wing doors and stainless steel - But with a Renault engine hmmmm
DeLorean DMC12 - All gull wing doors and stainless steel - Chassis work by Lotus Engineering but with a Renault engine hmmmm

The film portrayal of the DeLorean has given it so much romantic kudos with no realistic chance of owning one. I am sure there will be loads of us old enough to have grown up with the films, who would simply love to be able to tell people that we drive a DeLorean.

I think the name alone is good enough to get people to take notice. The world PR would be incredible. If they allow the spec to stay high and the build and design to be impeccable and up to the world class standards that drivers now expect, there will be potential buyers queuing up to own one.

Good luck, we’re watching very closely.

4 thoughts on “Back to the future – The rebirth of DeLorean?

  1. Hmmm, not sure about this, the DeLorean brand is all about ridiculous innovation, tainted history, romance, unfulfilled dreams and nostalgia. I can’t see it successfully translating into a brand for today. It reminds be a bit of the Stylophone. Despite very thick rose-tinted glasses, everybody still knows they were rubbish but still love them.

    I think we should preserve the brand exactly the way it is, as part of our history, our heritage. 😉

  2. We had a great business plan to own one too. That way, if we ever made a mistake that was going to cost too heavily, we could go back in time and sort it out.

    So yes, i’ve wanted one for years too!

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