Tango With ATtitude

Tango with added TWAT
Tango with added TWAT

I’m really not sure if this is on general release, but I spotted it on the blog of Carwyn Lloyd Jones and have been trying to find it ever since. It has either already been withdrawn, was never actually widely distributed or may be just a PR mock up.

It’s hardly subtle in the grand scheme of things, but in the steady move by Tango towards it being a more ‘attitudinal’ drink, this is a great stunt. I can imagine the Tango Man of old finding this gag vey amusing.

It feels a bit like the ‘slag of all snacks’ for Pot Noodle, that was eventually banned and must have had the creative team wetting themselves laughing at he poor account handler who had to sell it in.

But anyway, nice work – If you can find one, you’d be a twat not to try one today.

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