Hit the Hut, or hit the depths of desperation.

Branding is a relatively simple discipline.

Come up with an idea that is different, is clear what you are about, clear what you stand for and then keep doing it well.

So when Pizza Hut – which is about as clear as you can get for role definitions – decided to rebrand to become ‘The Hut’ is this brilliant branding or death by a thousand cuts?

Well, in my opinion it is the sign that they have reached new depths of desperation and are scrabbling around in a vain attempt to not offend anyone. In doing so, I believe that all they have achieved is to lose the reason they may have actually attracted anyone in the first place.

With Pizza Hut, you knew it stood for (horrid) pizza and a big central thing of crap salad that students use for competitions that drift into engineering challenges where they use lettuce to cantilever as much onto their plate as possible, cover it in bacon bits and thousand island and then promptly leave the whole lot, as they are totally podged out on their bloaty fat based pizza.

And in these terribly right on times we know we should eat more salad and much less ‘Pie’ – But it was a treat. An occasional treat hopefully. You weren’t meant to eat it every day, unless you wanted to end up like Mr Creosotes fat brother.

So blanding it down to ‘The Hut’ won’t fool anyone when you are still serving up student friendly salad, selling pizza by the square metre and throwing in a few lonely tomato pastas for the salad dodgers to look at and decline.

Look at the logos. They are the same but the Pizza has hidden under the roof, or it’s got so fat it can’t even get out. At least the old logo had some token greenery in it. The new one proclaims a communist state for crap food and lazy branding.

The art of blanding in action - Welcome to the Hut
The art of blanding in action - Welcome to the Hut

This is not a brand evolution, it’s a last roll of the dice for a brand that’s dying under a weight of right on-ness and continuing to produce lazy food that is more about mass blanding than creating mass desire through devoted followers.

Last time I ate in one I was on my way back from a football tour with three hungry eight year olds. Even they left the salad.

I won’t be hitting the Hut in a hurry.

One thought on “Hit the Hut, or hit the depths of desperation.

  1. very entertaining — and thought-provoking — post!

    i am flummoxed by the move to “the hut” — i don’t think the company is doing this in an effort to reposition itself as a healthy choice for salads, etc. — it’s more likely that they want to increase usage occasions — after all, other than wasted college students and hungry kids, most people don’t eat pizza with as much frequency as is necessary to the sustain the growth in traffic counts and comp store sales that most restaurants are seeking — so, if pizza hut were to be associated more with other food choices, the chain would benefit from more frequent usage — or so the logic would seem to go.

    problem is, pizza is what makes pizza hut pizza hut — and what makes it different and special — walking away from that equity (as bloaty and fat-based as it may be) just doesn’t seem right.

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