Brylcreem needs to live its values

My 11 year old son Ted is playing Danny Zuko in a production of Grease. The house is full of tight fighting black trousers, tight fitting white t-shirt and a perfect leather jacket. So to complete the part with his hair (that he has been growing for two months) where else could I go but to Brylcreem. The haircare brand I would always associate with the era, the film and slicked back hair in general.

Brylcreem - Yours for only £1.00 at Wilko's - WHY?
Brylcreem - Yours for only £1.00 at Wilko's - WHY?

Now, if you know me, you’ll realise that haircare products are not too much of a problem for me, being rather short in the barnet department. But I like to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world of brands and advertising. I’ve seen the latest ads for the product implying an effortless life, which just ooze coolness.

But when I went to buy some of the stuff in my local Wilkos (Wilkinsons to you and me) they had it discounted to £1.00.


For what reason did they need to do that?

How would that help them build their brand that they are spending a fortune advertising?

How would that reinforce the cool, effortless brand values they are portraying?

If they needed to shift some stock, why not add some value by bundling it with another product as a trial. They had a sister product (equally disinteresting to me in that it is more bloody hair gel) at £2.79, so why not add a mini trial product of their more premium product.

Why not get me to buy some of their lovely ‘Scruffing Paste’ – Because I need help getting my hair scruffy!

Everyone loves a bargain, but it will KILL your brand if you constantly discount.

Discounting damages brands and in an article I wrote back in February, my research showed it takes seven years to recover from a discounted price.

I bought a black comb too (again, not for me i hasten to add). They could have thrown that in couldn’t they?

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