The Blaggers Guide

Johnny Lyle The Blaggers Guide to BrandingMy first job in advertising was with a small agency called Bird and Moore in Lichfield. I worked for two genuinely brilliant people who had learnt their craft at Saatchi. I then went on to work for another design genius Martin Allen at M&M design. He was much younger but fabulously inspiring.

When I went for my interview at both, I realised that whilst I had a Marketing Degree and the CIM Diploma, my knowledge of what matters within the industry was limited (to say the least).

So I blagged it.

I bought a copy of The Designers Handbook and read it from cover to cover. Twice. I got both jobs and have spent the last 25 years, learning what really matters within the industry.

So, i’ve written down everything I’ve learnt and compressed it into your very own Blaggers Guides.

The Blaggers Guide to Branding by Johnny Lyle

Each one is short, snappy, written in plain english and should take no longer than an hour to read from cover to cover and if you get it right, you’ll know as much about real life Branding, Marketing, Social Marketing and SEO than the person across the desk from you. If you already work in the Marketing Services sector, you’ll know what I’ve tested and what works best in the real world and not in traditional text books. They are available on Amazon.

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