The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Amsterdam

Not since the jokey Volvo commercials where they said ‘Volvo, they’re boxy but good’ in the film Crazy People, has anyone ever been quite so honest with their promotional material.

You get the idea from their introductory paragraph which reads “The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has been proudly disappointing travellers for forty years. Boasting levels of comfort comparable to a minimum-security prison, the Hans Brinker also offers some plumbing and an intermittently open canteen serving a wide range of dishes based on runny eggs.”

And it just gets funnier and funnier as you read on.

I’m almost tempted to try it out. Almost.


Volvo confirms its brand values

Volvo is one of those brands that few people actually fall in love with. It is a car that is far more likely to be bought with your head than your heart as they have had a reputation for safety for as long as I can remember (which is quite a long time as I’m quite old).

The 1960’s P1800 coupe was a beautiful old thing and I wanted one when I was at college. I loved the old 1980’s 480es as well and I really love the new C30 and their product placement within the Twilight series of vampire films is an inspired way to deliver the brand to a younger generation. In my opinion, it’s probably the best car placement since the Bond films and its association with Aston Martin.

But I can’t say I’ve ever really hankered after an S60. It’s all a bit anonymous and well, worthy for me. But now they have made its safety systems even more central to its reason for being.

They have just demo’d a new system that will reinforce these brand values even further and it looks brilliant.

Anything that makes life safer for cyclists and pedestrians in crowded city centres has to be good news if it’s as intuitive as this. Nice one Volvo, good luck to you.