Saving the Rainforest one glass of Orange Juice at a time

I was reading the Freakonomics blog via the New York Times today and noticed a brilliant article that seemed to back up our thought about adding value.

On some Tropicana orange juice packs in the US you can go to their website and type in a code and they will set you aside 10 square feet of rainforest.


That’s sounds like a lot and a really generous offer by a huge multinational. But my favourite economists have calculated it’s only worth about US11 cents – The key though is that it has a MUCH higher perceived value – and that’s where adding value really comes into its own.

So to stress again, don’t discount, find a way of adding value. What can you give your customers that doesn’t cost you much, is really wanted or valued by your customers and reinforces the values of your brands?

If you can find it and deliver it, your brand will grow, recession or no recession.

If you want to read the full article, then click here