Is this really a Brave New World?

Sorry this is nothing to do with branding. It’s bigger than that.

The NRA have come out today and said the massacre in Newtown which saw 20 innocent children and six innocent adults murdered by a lunatic gunman (that I refuse to name and feed his publicity fetish) could have been prevented if the teachers had been armed.

How can it be right that it is seen as the right way to bring up children to have them cowering behind high wire, prison style fences with armed guards for teachers. How can it be right that children in a supposedly civilised society have to practice for the chance that a gunman could come to their school, like we practiced fire drills.

In the book Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley and published in 1932, he predicted that life in AD 2540 would be characterised by a few things.

People would live in protected communities and so out of their heads on Soma (their tranquiliser) that their life would be an idle and pointless one. They would grow fat and lazy and be de-sensitised to death whilst being bought up to be scared of the ‘Savages’ who lived in the Reservation. Effectively, these savages are us, you and me, normal people, living normal lives with love, passion and compassion for others around us.

The answer to gunmen being both inclined and able to wander into schools murdering people isn’t just about banning guns, it’s about changing the culture of an entire society that is built on the right to bear arms, which gives anyone carte blanche to able to get their own back on people or society by blowing them away.

In my Reservation, that I’d live in, people could have guns, but keep them locked away at gun clubs. No-one would be allowed military spec assault rifles – apart from the military and even then only in training or in war. People with mental illness would be cared for and wouldn’t have access to guns at all – let alone over 500 rounds of ammunition. Ever. Full stop.

We are heading for Huxley’s Brave New World and without a generational change in attitude, we will get there a long way before 2540.

Please share this if you want us to live normal lives as normal people and give our children a chance to grow up in a society that you’d like to live in yourself.