Oh my word, we’ve done a podcast!

Well not actually us. But a good friend of ours has and we are being interviewed on it, talking about my view of branding and what you can get right and wrong.

Andy is someone we have worked with for years and is one of our best mates and closest business advisers.
its worth a read of what he says because he is one of those business guru types who is actually practical, rather than all just theoretical rubbish.
He’s a good looking fella too. Look:

Have a look at his website for yourself by clicking here:
It’s his first of many more to come and he covers the following subjects:

Podcast #1contains: Personal notes ‘work’; Make time for training; The 4P’s RIP; A book worth reading – Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin; An interview with branding ‘guru’, John Lyle; 15 ideas for keeping ‘devoted’ customers.

I rather like being a ‘guru’