Ok Go video for ‘This Too Shall Pass’ as good as their ‘Treadmills’ video?

In my opinion, it’s not quite as ground breaking as ‘Treadmills’ was when it first launched back in 2006, but it’s still brilliant.

EMI won’t let me embed the video for ‘Treadmills’ for some reason, but you can see it here:

Ok Go 'Treadmills' Video on YouTube
Ok Go 'Treadmills' Video on YouTube

It is one of those brilliant firsts that has been copied by many but so far not equalled by anyone in terms of originality.

But you can see their new one here for ‘This too shall pass’. The production is just brilliant and great fun, like a giant game of Mousetrap on acid.

I don’t know much about the brand of the band Ok Go, but i do love their video work and i’m now off to get a listen to some of their other music. If it’s half as coool as their videos, I think i’ll be a new fan.