Solar panels installed for £500 – rent your roof

Solar panels on a domestic roof - hardly gorgeous are they?
Solar panels on a domestic roof - hardly gorgeous are they?

I have just been leafletted with a flyer promising the installation of 25m2 of solar panels on my roof for £500 against a normal price of £14,149.

It sounds to good to be true. Because I think it actually is.

With this deal, you don’t benefit from the feed in tariffs that could be as high as £1,100 per year, but you do get some amount of free electricity. The installers claim this will be about £175 per year – so a payback on your investment in under three years and then lower electricity bills for the next 22 after that.

You actually rent your roof out to the investor who takes all of the tariff and lets you keep the free electricity as your contribution.

Maybe it’s win, win and maybe I’m being cynical, but the Daily Mail ran an article last year about them being installed free. The £500 is obviously to pay commission to the ‘Surveyors‘ (or door to door sales people as they are really).

Anyone got any experience of this?

The other big concern is what happens at the end of the life of the solar panels?

Are they really that green? can something that has taken that much energy to manufacture and distribute ever be really green?. This little article says not, but maybe they can be in the future. Maybe our green superhero Simon Spuddey Dare can shed some light?

Thanks to Integr8x for the image