James Lambert – British Ski Jumper – Needs branding

James Lambert is not a name that many of you will be familiar with. I wasn’t earlier until I heard him on Radio Five Live. But he is the natural successor to our very own Eddie the Eagle – and he is 45 years old. There is hope for all of us yet.

James Lamber, Alan Donald Jones, Alex Winterhalde and Jason Weller - Britains Great big Ski Jumping hopes
James Lambert, Alan Donald Jones, Alex Winterhalde and Jason Weller - Britains Great big Ski Jumping hopes

Another plucky british trier through and through. He has already jumped 93 metres and holds the British record for it. Maybe 93m isn’t world class, but it seems an indecently long way for a 45 year old bloke to fly.

In his Radio Five interview this morning, he confessed that he had little or no chance in the upcoming world championships where he is representing Great Britain in Holmenkollen. I think it is because he doesn’t have a nickname, so I’d like to propose a few.

Jumping Jimbo (my fave)

Leaping Lambert

Jimmy the Jumper

It’s more difficult than it looks this alliteration and rhyming when you have names like James and Lambert. Anyone got any ideas?


I emailed the team earlier to wish them good luck and got back this rather lovely and brilliantly honest reply. Lets all get behind them and wish them all the best. I know I wouldn’t fancy jumping 90 metres (or actually ten metres for that matter)

Hi John,

This is Jason team captain for the team, thanks very much for your email I shall pass it on to James and the other lads, we do have some names for each other, but they can’t be repeated here, and they certainly don’t rhyme 🙂

But seriously it’s really great for all the lads when people cheer them on and root for them. Fact is James won’t win a medal and probably won’t get through the first round, but like everyone in the team he will give everything he’s got and more, and Alan, Alex, and myself are really proud of him, and next month the team will be in Harrachov for the Masters World Championships, and we shall have a celebration drink, and a toast to people like yourself who support us 🙂

Thank you very much

Cheers James, Alan, Alex, & Jason