I knew I liked Brewdog – This is why

Brewdog are a brand that took on Diageo and won. I like them, I like their beer and I love the way they deliver their brand. Consistently good and consistently rude.

The temptation with success is to slowly creep into the realms of the other corporates that dominate the market. So far, Brewdog have resisted and for me made one the most brilliant ripostes to the ASA for telling them off for using rude words in their promotional material (well, pretty much everywhere to be honest.)

In the ASA ruling, they were told off and have removed the offending rude words.

Brewdog being slapped down by the ASA
Brewdog being slapped down by the ASA

But in the Drum today, Brewdog’s co-founder, James Watt, has responded to the ASA in a perfect Brewdog voice when he said,

‘Those mother fu*kers don’t have any jurisdiction over us’

I hope they now keep their promise and put the rude words back on the website. And, if you have any spare cash, the Brewdog ‘Equity for Punks‘ scheme would be a good place to invest it as I think this brand is going places.