Why I won’t be buying an Apple Watch

This is why you don't need an Apple Watch - The DeTomaso Matera Automatic watch

I am a big fan of Apple. I have been forever and at 49 years old, one of my claims to fame is that I have never owned a PC of any description. I had a few Nokia phones in the early days but that’s about it. I have been Apple through and through since around 1989.

But I won’t be joining the masses in buying the rather overpriced Apple Watch. I simply can’t see the point. It alerts you to what your phone is doing in your pocket and you’ll look like a dick if you talk to it (who really uses Siri other than to make it tell you jokes?). You’ll very quickly give up checking all of the notifications as they are so frequent anyway with five email and even more social media accounts on my phone. What’s compounds the misery is that being on Bluetooth all day will only make the battery life even more useless again. It’s bad enough having to charge my iPhone twice a day, but my watch too?

No, sorry Apple. This is a step too far for me. It’s not making my life easier. I’ll stick with my simple mechanical watch that tells the time. It doesn’t try and multi-task or be my personal assistant and it manages to wind itself just by being on my wrist. No batteries, reliable as you like and it glows in the dark so I can read it at night.

Thanks Apple, but no thanks.

10 thoughts on “Why I won’t be buying an Apple Watch

  1. Fair enough. It doesn’t fit into your life (yet) and you are more than welcome to stick with the devices that you feel bring added value to your life.

    I would just like to point out, though, that people said pretty much the exact same things about the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. So don’t be surprised if you change your mind once you get more information as to how the Watch does enhance the lives of those who own it.

    1. I had (and still have) a first generation iPod and iPad. They fit in totally seamlessly. I just don’t think the iWatch does to anywhere near the same degree.

      1. That remains to be seen. I’m just pointing out that with every new major category Apple has entered, there have been people who don’t see the use for it. And eventually they were proven wrong. Maybe not in the first generation, but certainly within a few years.

        You may be right, though. And it may never be the right fit for your life, and I agree that buying it would be a waste in that case.

  2. I’ve been a genuine first generation user of almost every one of their products and have owned every type Tower in my agency days, every type of iMac from the coloured ones through to the latest one and have loved them all. I’ve had most of their laptops right back to the coloured clamshell and am writing this on a latest generation Air. My point is if they can’t even convince the most ardent of Apple Fan Boi’s that the watch needs to be part of their life, then this could be their first relative flop since the Newton. (which I never owned either)

  3. John, the Pebble I have been using has proved to me that a smartwatch does work for me – I was going to update to the new Pebble, but with Apple doing a watch I am expecting a higher level of interaction from it. It may not be for all – but I think it will sell more than you think!

    1. I read your post Simon and that’s what got me thinking. I’m sure it will sell initially but i’m just not convinced it will become as embedded as other Apple products in our culture and our everyday way of life.

  4. You’re just teasing Apple – you know you want one really! You just don’t know it yet…

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