Ekomi, GlobalApe.com and negative reviews that don’t get published

I bought a new printer for home a few months ago. An HP 8600 Pro. It uses big and expensive inks, but it’s fast and prints to a lovely quality – Particularly for photos. So I needed a source for genuine HP inks that wasn’t too expensive. I tend to buy a lot online and rely heavily on reviews to see who I can trust. GlobalApe.com weren’t someone I knew, but they had great reviews from Ekomi, so I thought i’d give them a go as they were miles cheaper than anyone else.

The first order took around three weeks to arrive and coincidentally landed on the day after I prompted them as to why they hadn’t arrived. I installed the one I needed and the printer immediately said it was faulty and possibly a fake. Hmmm. It did still seem to work okay though even though the printer wasn’t happy with the ink.

A few days later I got an email from Ekomi asking me to review my purchase with GlobalApe. Naturally I was less than impressed so gave them a one star review. Now Ekomi Don’t like this as it could mess up their clients near perfect 4.8 out of five score. Bear in mind they need to average over 4 out of five to gain Google gold stars and perform far better in Adwords searches – Which is how I found them.

So the mediation begins. I didn’t want to mediate, I just wanted to write a review and carry on with my life. Annerose Kennedy from Global Ape Support has done a perfect job and stalled and stalled and stalled. We are now up to 983 words of correspondence. Annerose has provided a replacement Cyan ink (which arrived in seven days) and still my one star review hasn’t appeared.

So what was the point of the review? If I can’t warn people that in MY experience, the ink took three weeks to arrive and then failed. It calls the whole point of reviews into question and I won’t be buying from organisations that display Ekomi reviews any more as I simply can’t trust them to be truthful. At the top of their reviews page, they claim the following:

  • 100% Independent
  • Absolutely Transparent
  • From Customers for Customers

But it’s not. It’s full of positive reviews as no-one is actually allowed to publish a negative. Sorry, but this is completely wrong – however helpful Annerose Kennedy is and however much they try and mediate me into me withdrawing my negative review.

Global Ape Ekomi reviews - Not worth the space on the Internet
Global Ape Ekomi reviews – Not worth the space on the Internet

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I value reviews when buying online, if they are hiding bad reviews then what is the point of trusting anything they say!!!

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Cheers Adrian. The silly thing for me is that they responded well and sorted the problem. But i’m not allowed to leave a negative review and then update it to say that they sorted my problem. That’s just silly.

      They are trying to make me withdraw the negative review and replace it with a positive one. That’s just not right is it?


    2. You mean the company has a chance to respond to a bad review? That’s totally unacceptable! How dare they! Can’t use Ekomi even though they do the exact requirements for reviews and is an approved review service of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

      1. Hi Dave, I am sorry you felt the need to be antagonistic or even a mild troll by ridiculing my comments to the original post, but I am flattered that you singled out my gratitude to the original post.

        It sounds as if you agree a review company can suppress negative comments until they are retracted and or forced to post a positive then that’s all right.

        I am sure though the online consumer that reads reviews and bases a large part of their buying decision to buy on those reviews, really appreciates you championing a company that has no regard for the consumer.

        ekomi did in this case suppress a negative comment. Every consumer should be able to see all reviews good and bad and make an informed decision when buying.

        How many other businesses using ekomi have this option available, that is why they have no credibility and that is why I personally will not be buying from a company that uses ekomi, the solution does not endure trust, the companies using the solution unfortunately are guilty by association.

      2. You’re missing the point – of course the company has a perfect right to respond to a negative review, but that is not the argument here. The argument is that eKomi never initially publish what may be perfectly justified negative reviews, whereas they do always publish positive ones. Can’t you see how that skews the relevance of eKomi reviews? That is somewhat different to a company’s perfectly legitimate right to respond to a PUBLISHED negative review! In my experience eKomi do their best to prevent negative views EVER being published, including ‘losing’ one negative review of mine… eKomi are a marketing organisation not a dedicated review site & shouldn’t be regarded as such – read the blurb on their website along with other people’s experiences. You are perfectly free to believe eKomi company ratings if you wish, but I certainly wouldn’t…

      3. It’s interesting that this topic has suddenly been resurrected and without anything useful being added in that post, although the replies to it are far more interesting.

        It has given me the opportunity to update my case. My 1-star review was eventually published and I don’t believe I ever had any contact with the company. Of course it was published too late to be one of the recent reviews which people can see easily. However, Ekomi did the company no favours as they soon went out of business. It was clear that they couldn’t deliver the service which was advertised and promoted by Ekomi. Lack of stock and poor delivery times seem to be their problem.

        Only a month or so ago I was looking for another service I required and the company who seemed to be offering a very good service were being promoted by Ekomi. Reluctantly I purchased from that company and received an excellent service. However, because of their association with Ekomi I nearly didn’t use them, which is the point Adrian makes.

      4. I have to confess to having used Global Ape again recently as an experiment. Funnily enough, the very same cartridges for my HP printer didn’t turn up again, before Ekomi asked for my opinion of their service. Again, I gave a one star review and the mediation process began.

        But this time, Global Ape have been faultless. They have kept me informed and issued a refund when it became apparent it wasn’t going to turn up.

        And then, out of the blue, it did, over a month after they sent it. So i’ve been back in touch with them, offering to pay for the product I bought and they delivered. It looks by the state of the packaging, the Douane sticker on it and what Global Ape told me, that it had been stuck in customs for some time.

        But the issue for me is still that I would like to leave my initial review in place and then give them an updated five star review about how they handled the initial problem. I doubt this will happen as my first one star experience that this post was written about was never published either.

        There’s no denying things went wrong and any business is only as good as you find them when things do go wrong, which they have for me. Twice.

        Global Ape have handled their problem perfectly and despite Ekomi, my trust in them has grown and I’d actually be more inclined to use them again.

  2. I have also just tried to give a 1 star review to an eKomi “sponsored” company and of course it hasn’t been published. I immediately got suspicious and it was obvious when the company had a 4.9 rating and almost 100% satisfied customers that this was too good to be true. It was very easy to find reviews of the reviewing company and it was clear that his was their normal practice: http://www.trustpilot.co.uk/review/www.ekomi.co.uk

    However, aren’t Trustpilot just another similar company and competitor to eKomi and what can be done about this sort of company?

    Clearly reviewing companies need to be independent of the companies they collect reviews for who should not be their clients. They can’t possibly claim to be 100% Independent when they are being paid by that company to promote them – or maybe I am being too naive?

    1. David

      I was genuinely surprised by the way they behaved and it can’t be right as this type of moderated review is obviously fake. There does seem to be a difference between those who genuinely gather all reviews and those that manage reviews for companies.

      Perhaps the difference should be highlighted even more clearly and maybe there is a duty of the companies to disclose and us as consumers to ask whether the reviews are managed or not?

      Cheers. John

    2. And to add another point as already made previously. I would have been quite happy to leave an additional review update to say that they completely resolved my issue, but the only route open to me was to remove my problem and only leave a positive review. This I have a real issue with as it is not true and should be reported to the ASA as they now manage all reviews to ensure they are true and accurate.

  3. Interesting article.

    I have actually used Global Ape a few times and have not had any problems. But my understanding of Ekomi, is reviews are only published when they have not been resolved by the sellers. Ekomi read all the correspondance and if the issue has been resolved by the seller then the feedback is not published. Fair if you ask me.
    So after a customers leaves negative feedback the seller has approimatly 1 week to resolve the issue and if it is not resolved then the review will be published and if Ekomi deem it as resolved then the review is closed and is not published.

    You could argue this is unfair but as a an internet seller in the past, I often found customers were very quick to leave a negative feedback and not giving the seller the chance to resolve the issue. Then the seller resolves the issue and the customer does not remove the negative feedback because they can’t be bothered or they don’t know how, so Ekomi allow a week for the seller to resolve the issue and if it is resolved then the feedback is published.


    1. Jack

      I have no problem with what you say at all. My issue is with the fact that there WAS a problem. Yes, Global Ape resolved it and I would have been happy to update my feedback to let other users now that even if things had gone wrong, they resolved it. That is not the same in my mind as a positive review.

      It’s a resolved negative.

  4. I have just wrote a negative review on ekomi and it hasn’t been published. It’s farcical and there must be some sort of watchdog to stop this happening.

  5. John,
    you can write your negative feedback somewhere else, it’s a free world!
    Why would you insist in posting your 1 star negative feedback on that supplier’s website? Come on…
    For what reason in the world a company should invest money to let people put them down with negative feedbacks on their own website?
    They contacted you to see if everything was ok, and they tried to resolve your problem, and apparently they did; isn’t that enough, or do you believe that their mistake was done on purpose?
    Ekomi is not really about reviews, has more to do with customer satisfaction and improving sales.
    Hopefully your supplier has learned something from your complaint and will do better in the future, if not they will lose competitivity anyways.

    1. I have written my negative review elsewhere. Here. And it has had many thousands of readers.

      But going back to your point. I wasn’t asked to leave a marketing message, I was asked to leave a review. I did and as such, expected it to be displayed as I wrote it. It wasn’t.

      As reviews are overseen by the ASA, they are clearly breaking the law by portraying a false picture of my dealings with their company.

      Lots of people rely on reviews. I have said all along that I would be happy to write an updated review that my problem was resolved, but only if my orignal review was placed next to it. Again, this still hasn’t happened.

  6. The problem is that we cannot distinguish between a web site that publishes genuine independent reviews and one that is purely a marketing tool for the company we are purchasing from. The claims made by Ekomi are clearly not true and it is obvious once you start looking through the reviews and the percentage of “satisfied” customers. These claims are totally false. Many consumers will believe these claims and that has to be wrong. I have contacted the ASA and they have asked me to submit a complaint, not against Ekomi but against the company who are using them, as they are using false information in their marketing. As yet I haven’t had the time to do this, but I have not yet fruled it out.

  7. I would pay more attention to this post if you didn’t happen to work for eKomi’s competition.

    “And Feefo, the feedback forum, who I do lots of brand work, blogging and other good fun stuff with. I have worked with them almost since they started, with global domination in the world of transparency and consumer feedback on its way soon.”

    1. But you work for Ekomi so how’s that different?

      LinkedIn profile
      Laurel Naomi Creighton
      Social Commerce Consultant bei eKomi GmbH
      Location Berlin Area, Germany Industry Internet

      1. Interessting how much you respect the personal informations of your readers.

      1. So lets recap.

        I said all along I would be happy to write a positive review about the service I received from Global Ape. All I asked was that my negative review was left in place first.

        Your system would allow me to display my initial review and you have completely refused to allow it to go live. That’s not a review, it’s a fit-up.

        How can it be a review if I can’t say anything negative?

        Surely that just makes it a testimonial?

        If I was asked to write a testimonial, I wouldn’t have done it. I wrote it in good faith thinking it was an opportunity to review the service I received.

        It wasn’t.

        Display my negative and I will then be happy to write a second one that’s positive and then display both of them on here as updates to this blog post.

  8. So why don’t we recap:

    You had a bad experience, our arbitration process helped you get a replacement cartridge and you have an option to leave a new review explaining your entire shopping experience (including the negative) which ended up by your own account being positive, yet you choose not to leave a review in “good faith” but write a blog article instead.

    I don’t buy it.

  9. The real problem here is that companies are marketing their products using completely false review statistics provided by eKomi. They are blatantly misleading their customers with lies. It’s not about arbitration processes it’s about an honest review process and NOT misleading your customers. Basically nobody needs companies like eKomi, what value are they adding for the consumer?

  10. To conclude this interesting thread: are there completely unbiased tools like eKomi that we could use (we are web designers) as plugins to gather feedback on a website?

    1. Okay, As far as I can tell there are three main tools to consider.

      Ekomi, who seem to be getting better and are maybe letting some negatives appear

      Trustpilot who have had big investment and doing good things

      And Feefo, i’m biased but I think they deliver great reviews.

      Other than that, there are many smaller players but the vast majority of sites will choose one of these three, unless you are stupidly rich and don’t care about the effectiveness of your reviews in which case you’d go with Bazaar Voice.

  11. John – thank you for your perfectly valid heads-up on this practice. eKomi may manage their client’s reviews, but their underlying primary function is clearly to promote their client’s business and publishing negative reviews is the last thing that they want to do. They have just blocked a perfectly valid factual negative review of one of their clients without me having received any referral to arbitration or even any notification – in my opinion this practice is tantamount to fraud by deception. Their reviews are clearly of no value whatsoever and are misleading consumers, so once again, well done for highlighting this issue.

      1. Well, that’s a turn up for the book. I’ve now had a very apologetic email from the eKomi customer support team blaming a technical problem in their system for preventing me from entering their arbitration system and they’ve deleted my original negative review and sent me a link to allow me to input a new review, so although I do not agree with the way they hold back negative reviews pending mediation, (I think they should be published pending mediation and if necessary revised by any subsequent mutual agreement), I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see how the system works, (if indeed it does), and report back.

      2. Good on ’em. I think they are probably under quite close scrutiny, so let’s see if they publish your negative!

  12. Reporting back as promised…
    The negative review I originally submitted to eKomi on the 27th. of June has now just been published, (20th. July), but it would definitely never have appeared had I not been persistent, as the first submission disappeared in a “system error”. As a result of my experience I’m not convinced that all negative reviews do eventually appear, (positive ones appear straight away), so I personally would not trust their rating scores until they publish ALL received reviews immediately, irrespective of the rating, and stop delaying, losing and placing obstacles in the way of negative ones, That does not prevent published negative ones being followed up by arbitration and subsequently modified by consensus between the parties involved, of course. IMHO there is still a conflict of interest as eKomi are paid by the retailers and are therefore not independent. As they put it themselves in the ‘About Us’ section of their website:- “eKomi’s mission is to help companies gain more customers and succeed online”. Nothing there about providing an accurate guide to consumers.

  13. Thanks for the update and glad it did appear in the end. I completely agree with you as to the process. For me the review should appear and then, if it is bad, the seller should try and mediate with you to make you happy with the option to add an update review if it’s all resolved. That way the info is accurate and the company learn more from their customers.

    1. My experience is the same as above- my initial two star factual report seen as seen as negative. Mediation opened. Subsequent service equally poor. Matter finally resolved. Further negative review from me. Ekomi then said.. (Three days ago) As the matter is now closed we will not publish your review. They are are clearly fiddling the reviews in behalf if their clients and irritatingly I cannot see that there is any professional body they belong to to complain to.

  14. Full disclosure.. I am an executive of eKomi…

    Here are the facts: We are a worldwide partner with Google, one of a few select number of companies, for handling online reviews and ratings. We handle both seller ratings and product listing ads (PLA’s). Just to be clear, a seller rating is the 5-star rating about the company/seller and a PLA is a 5-star rating about a specific product sold by the seller. We have a ‘Trusted’ status with Google which means we have to adhere to a standard/process that is not only transparent but is consistent with fair business practice laws. Our terms and conditions of use with our customers reflect the seriousness with which we take this trusted status and impose severe penalties if they cheat the process e.g. adding fake reviews, paying customers to change their ratings, etc. We hold ourselves to the same standard and there is absolutely nothing go on behind the scenes to censor feedback.

    Let me be clear: It is not possible for us to hide 1-star ratings or for us to just publish 5-star ratings. Neither would we ever jeopardize our partnership with Google for the sake of allowing a customer to cheat the system. Furthermore, in Europe, we are one of the companies that is integral to designing an ISO-standard for ratings and reviews. In a nutshell, we’re absolutely not in the business of allowing any business to game their rating system.

    Hope this helps clear up any confusion.

    1. So why haven’t you displayed either of the one star reviews I left for Global Ape. I’m sorry I simply don’t believe you. You are moderating reviews and not displaying a fair representation of how a company performs.

    2. @RatingsHelp

      I too have a certain scepticism. Just to clarify – are you saying that eKomi publish ALL customer generated reviews/ratings whether negative or positive in real time without interference? If you do then say so in plain English. (How can a Product Listing Ad be a rating?).

      It hasn’t been the case in the past in my experience. If you are publishing positive reviews straight away and holding back negative reviews pending arbitration then that is still a skewed system, especially if they have a habit of disappearing, as mine did.

    3. There was no confusion and your post clears up nothing. I don’t believe you either. Have you read this complete thread? Example after example of reviews not being published and those giving poor reviews expected to negotiate with the company. The company I bought from had a 5 star rating and near 100% customer satisfaction (which for some strange reasons most of your clients have), but they soon stopped trading as they were very poor indeed. I contacted the ASA but was told I had to complain about the company and not eKomi, so it appears you are protected there as well. I now think very carefully before buying from any company using eKomi as I know the reviews will be heavily weighted and unreliable. My review was eventually published, but so late that it never appeared in the recent reviews that are readily available to those looking. It was hidden away well down the list.

    4. Hi Ratings Help.

      Thanks for clearing up the fact ekomi are trusted by Google. As I don’t work for ekomi could I ask you to clarify a couple more points please.

      1. Can you confirm If I left a negative review for a company using your reviews solution the information is then uploaded to Google along with any positive reviews on your next Google upload?

      2. If not why not?

      3. please explain as you are not telling Google or the customers searching on Google to find seller ratings or PLA’s the whole truth. You are manipulating the feedback giving false scores and misleading everyone.

      4. Can you explain then how Google trust you for your accurate collection of customer reviews that they in turn reward the businesses showing them knowing your solution manipulates its collected data with no regard for the people that use them to make purchase decisions?

      As a consumer I want to know what is wrong with a company or what can go wrong.

      5. Please can you confirm if you are not uploading the information at the same time at what stage is it then uploaded to Google and more importantly where is the review then displayed. Is it buried back on the date it was raised or added to your feed and seen as the newest review the same day you decide to remove from arbitration?

      Nothing you have said in your original response has led me to trust or use a website displaying your reviews. The more I read the more worried I am about using a business showing ekomi.

      I look forward to hearing your answers.


  15. I’m not sure as I can add any more to this debate than I’ve already submitted but I’ll reiterate and clarify a few of the points raised:

    1) YES.. eKomi does indeed have the ability to not publish certain reviews. The parameters for not publishing a review are quite narrow but include reasons such as the disclosure of personal information (you wouldn’t believe how many people leave a review saying, “I want my money back, refund to credit card xxxx xxxxx xxx”. We obviously cannot publish that… If the review contains a threat, is insulting, if we see that it’s a fake review, or have any reason to doubt the veracity of the review, it will remain unpublished. That applies for 5-star as well as 1-star reviews. If you have provided a review and it remains unpublished then I would question your content before the process.

    2) NO… Reviews are NOT published in real-time. Every review we receive is read by one of our team members. If we are satisfied that the review is genuine, it’s published. Our approach is no different from many other companies that list reviews. For example, Glassdoor, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. all have a similar process.

    3) A Product Listing Ad isn’t a rating. I never said it was. However, PLA’s can have 5-star ratings attached to them. The eKomi review process allows a consumer to give a 5-star rating for the seller and a 5-star rating fro the specific product that the consumer purchased. Google aggregates seller and product ratings to create a consolidated 5-star score. Our product allows enables a consumer to give feedback on certain product attributes as well. For example, suppose you bought a large sweater and it was smaller than you expected. We can ask you about the fit and, along with every one else that bough the sweater, provide feedback to consumers as they’re ordering. Imagine you’re about to buy that sweater, you hover over the L icon and a pop shows that 90% of people said it was a lot smaller than expected. This way you’d order the XL and not have to deal with returning it. Everyone wins… Why would we possibly want to restrict feedback positive or negative about a company?

    4) It’s been proven that certain companies such as Yelp absolutely manipulate the reviews and the way competitors show up on pages because this is how they increase their revenue. We think this is very bad behavior. Our business model does not link payment to anything other than the data we collect. Wether we receive 100% negative responses or 100% positive responses, we are paid the same. A customer cannot pay us more to manipulate the data in their favor.

    1. So will you show me where the reviews are that I wrote for Global Ape. I can assure you neither of them contained profanities, personal information or anything other than reasonable criticism of your customer. Publish the negatives and we may be a little more inclined to believe you and your process.

    2. I find it very interesting that an “executive” of eKomi has re-opened this thread which was completely dead for 8 months. Why would you do that? What was the motivation? The result of course is that you have now moved this further up Google’s search engine results so that more people will find it. Worse, 4 people have replied to your post all of them saying that they don’t believe you. Seems to me that this is an own goal which has done nothing to enhance the credibility of your company and may well have done it harm both in the eyes of anybody who searches for eKomi (which is how I originally found it) and of course your worldwide partner Google with whom you have a “trusted” status!

    3. @ratingshelp

      I must admit I don’t see much point in continuing this debate either, however….

      “Just to be clear, a seller rating is the 5-star rating about the company/seller and a PLA is a 5-star rating about a specific product sold by the seller.” – “A Product Listing Ad isn’t a rating. I never said it was.” Confused? You will be…

      “Every review we receive is read by one of our team members. If we are satisfied that the review is genuine, it’s published.”

      My negative review that disappeared was certainly genuine, factual and contained no personal information, profanity or anything else that would have prevented publication, (in any event, personal information is easily redacted so that is no excuse for not publishing). Ekomi staff at the time told me it was held back pending arbitration, (which never happened), and I should have been notified, (I wasn’t), then eventually they said it had been lost and I would have to submit a new one which was eventually published after much chasing up on my part.

      “Why would we possibly want to restrict feedback positive or negative about a company?” – Because the company are paying you for promotional marketing services and it is not in their or your interests to publish negative reviews about a business client. To put it your way:- “eKomi’s mission is to help companies gain more customers and succeed online.” Ekomi is a marketing tool, not an independent review site.

      Anyway, to clarify, are you saying that all genuine, customer reviews are treated exactly the same, (irrespective of the rating), and ALL are published following the same moderation period and NO genuine negative customer reviews are held back pending arbitration? That isn’t how it used to be in my, (*and others), experience, but it is how it should be.


  16. You guys need to chill out. Before the eKomi exec responded, you were bashing the company. That warranted a response. You got one. Now you can’t accept the explanation as factual. Personally, I don’t believe anything that any of you are saying because you probably are all employees of rival companies. This thread is a total waste.

    Any smart business person would know that Google holds the keys to everything and if a company like eKomi or Trustpilot has their seal of approval, they absolutely are doing things correctly. Go bash Yelp if you need to continue on your soapbox.

    1. My beef was only with Ekomi in this specific example as I had two incidences of them not publishing negative reviews. In the second one you’ll see I have tried to offer balance by explaining how good their customer services team was and how they did resolve my issue. But even with this I wasn’t allowed to leave a negative review as they moderated it out of existence.

    2. If it’s Ok with Google it must be above board – get a grip! Google have been doing dodgy things for at least 10 years (like running all those ads that intentionally blend with a page, for example looking like a download link on a download site). That’s just one example I have many, but clearly Google have no scruples hiding out in Ireland to dodge all the tax they ought to be paying (on money made from users in Germany, France England etc.). Google only care about their bottom line, that’s business. That’s why we should have better regulators who represent humans, and have big teeth.

      The ASA are clearly about as useful as HMRC i.e. not fit for purpose.

  17. How ironic… You bash a company for moderating reviews before they get posted yet this thread itself does the very same thing! Go figure. Total garbage.

      1. Mmm – interesting. A negative review I published a long time ago about eKomi on another review site following eKomi’s failure to publish a negative review I posted on request in good faith about a third party company that badly let me down has suddenly after all this time been subject to ‘verification’ and now this. Coincidence? perhaps, but I wonder if eKomi may be attempting to ‘wash’ their reputation.

        If so, good luck with that… The bottom line is that I certainly wouldn’t trust a review published by a marketing company being paid by the company whose review they are publishing anymore than I would trust company reviews published on the company’s website – it’s a clear conflict of interest.

  18. How strange that once again this thread has been resurrected? I wonder who Dale is? But at least he is not claiming to be “an executive” of eKomi. I am certainly not an employee of any rival company, I am semi-retired and unfortunately happened to get very poor service on more than one occasion from a company “sponsored” by eKomi. This company was so poor that they rapidly ceased trading.

    I also wondered if eKomi are attempting to “wash their reputation”. However, all they are succeeding in doing is highlighting the issues once again. Even if they are now publishing more negative reviews, the ratings already in the system have such a tremendous weighting effect that it will take a very long time for more realistic statistics to appear. How can any company be trusted that has given its clients a near 100% customer satisfaction rating! The numbers are so obviously biased.

    The other problem is that I no longer trust any company who are associated with eKomi. This may be very unfair, but they are tarnished by association, although they probably do not realise it.

    1. I am also unassociated with eKomi or any rival company. My comments were based purely on tortuous attempts to get a negative review published.

      I don’t think eKomi reviews will ever be trustworthy until they genuinely publish all verified reviews in real time regardless of whether they are negative or positive and come straight out and say they are doing that.

      Even then, the conflict of interest resulting from the fact that they only publish marketing client reviews is inescapable.

  19. Wow I am having the exact same problems with Ekomi not publishing a one star review. Their executives are obviously becoming concerned about their own review status. I can add that I also don’t believe their reviews any longer and neither should anyone else. Good companies do not require review manipulation like this. Poor companies do, and the quicker that google drop Ekomi, the better it will be for consumers trying to bet unbiased guidance for online deals. Their business model must fail when enough consumers see the light. Unfortunately for me I trusted their highly rated company and never received the goods. Then I get a runaround from Ekomi after attempting to leave a negative review. In my case they just repeatedly ask for varying proofs of purchase in spite of completing their own online forms. I do not have the time or energy to jump through enough hoops to see if it is technically possible to post negative reviews.
    I have now attempted to post one star reviews about Ekomi on TrustPilot and guess what. A documentation runaround has started again and that review is suspended along with the previous four reviews of Ekomi. Go Figure.
    You are getting higher up the google rankings John. Wonder why?

  20. I noticed myself that a number of Trustpilot negative reviews of eKomi, (including mine from about a year ago), have been reported and removed for verification, despite the fact that they were presumably verified satisfactorily at time of submission. What’s the betting that no positive reviews have been reported & removed for ‘verification’?

  21. I sent Trustpilot a copy of my correspondence with eKomi and they have reinstated my negative eKomi review, (well done), that was removed following a ‘compliance’ challenge from eKomi, (as have others). As a result of this blatant attempt at ‘reviewwashing’ I regard eKomi as even less ethical and trustworthy than I did before and have reduced my clearly over-generous 2star rating to 1star. To all others that have had honest and valid negative eKomi reviews removed from wherever – send in any information requested and challenge the removal – do not let eKomi get away with it.

  22. Ekomi are deliberately misleading. I’ve brought several items from Justfab and even though I’ve proven to them seveal times that I am a customer. They wont send me a link to review my puchases. If I ever see the Ekomi seal on a website again, I’ll take it as a warning and shop somewhere else.

    1. I think that’s the point isn’t it. Trust works both ways and you only lose it once. Rather than being a benefit to the business that displays an Ekomi badge, it’s in danger of becoming something that drives potential customers away.

  23. That is a valid point, John. If I see a company displaying an Ekomi ‘seal of approval’ I take it as a warning from my personal experience of how Ekomi ‘manage’ 3rd party reviews for their clients as described by Natalie above. If Ekomi are the only way a company can get positive reviews then that is a big red flag to me.

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