A great 007 branded PR stunt by Coke Zero

We were always taught that for every £ you spent on a sponsorship deal you needed to spend £2 more to exploit the relationship, When Tetley came into rugby it’s one of the reasons they did so much better out of it than the likes of B&H and Cornhill did in the old days of cricket sponsorship.

Well, Coke Zero have set up this fun stunt to to challenge people to get a few people to try and be a (tiny) bit like James Bond. Offering them free tickets, but putting an urban obstacle course in the way.

I’ve never quite understood the point of Coke Zero before. I guess it is a Diet Coke for blokes who don’t want to be seen to be drinking a diet drink. By using young blokes to carry out the stunts, they have done a good job of positioning the brand for me.

I think it’s quite clever and very much more powerful than a simple trailer promo.

Looking at the YouTube Stats it shows it’s working too, with just about 3,000,000 viewers in four days, 26,000 likes and demographics as follows:

Top demographics
Male, 25-34 years
Male, 35-44 years
Male, 45-54 years

Therefore, money well spent.

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