Jamies Italian Nottingham – A brief review

After ages of waiting and not quite being bothered with the queues, I finally went to Jamies Italian in Nottingham for lunch yesterday and I was really rather impressed.

I can’t say I was completely blown away with the amazing tastes and flavours, but the food was certainly lovely and I did have very high expectations, so I was probably heading for a fall.

We both had different bruschetta starters, one tomato based and one mushroom based, which were actually the highlight for me. The tomato one wasn’t as classically made as the Carluccio’s version and had ricotta cheese in it, which was a surprise (but a nice one). The mushroom one, was just gorgeous and full of flavour. The main courses of a ragu based pasta and a carbonara were okay, but not really mind blowing. As we had starters we only had the mini mains and they were a good size and really good value for the quality of the food we were eating.

A few things did stand out though.

They were very quick to offer and bring a jug of tap water, which is good.

The staff were excellent, really friendly, helpful and knowledgable.

The wine was a bit on the steep side. £4.95 for an okay 175ml glass of rose is not terribly cheap.

The menu was a bit confusing. I was staring at it for a few minutes to a) find the beer and b) make sense of how to work it.

But they have created a lovely conversion in the building and it was a happy buzzing place to be on a lunchtime and probably near full.

£33.00 for lunch isn’t an everyday thing for me, but as a treat, it was money very well spent.

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