Where there’s HMV, there’s hope

Harry Potter seven disc box-set for £28 from HMV
Harry Potter seven disc box-set for £28 from HMV

As much as I have been a critic of HMV in the past, I have to say that they seem to have changed their game plan a little. I was tasked with getting a Harry Potter DVD and thought that I may as well get the box set.

Online pricing showed it could be had for around £28.00 from Amazon and £25.50 from Play.com

And in store at HMV, it’s £28.00 too and you can pick it up now.

Result = happy children + a sale in a retail high street store stolen back from the brink of the Internet.

8 thoughts on “Where there’s HMV, there’s hope

  1. John, I bought the same thing for my boy the other day… although paid £24.00 from Asda…. although I guess that’s helping Wallmart out isn’t it? As HMV are British I do tend yo use them.

    1. I have to admit that i looked at HMV in a slightly different light because of their new pricing policy.

      Saying that though, when my son won £75 of HMV vouchers recently, he went in and bought iTunes vouchers with them ad they can’t be earning very much from that sale can they?

  2. Currys and Dixons are top of my “killing the High Street” list, this week. Went to buy a Dyson DC19T2 Vacuum Cleaner at the weekend – found it online at Dixons for £199.95 but went in-store at Currys (their sister company) it was £249.99 – with no chance of a price-match. I can accept a bit of a premium for buying in-store but a 25% mark-up? See ya. Bought from Amazon, £187.99.

    1. I’m sure some will work it out and price match in the end. But the electrical manufacturers aren’t helping as they are giving unique product numbers/codes to a unit to make it harder to trace online. So you can only buy a xx-pc-03.47 from Currys and Dixons and the next retailer has the same basic machine with a slightly different code.

      I noticed the other day that John Lewis are covering up barcodes of some products. I can only imagine that this is to deter us Red Laser shoppers.

  3. John, in the last couple of weeks I have come across two local retailers who are matching / beating internet pricing. I blogged about Best Buy and Freewheel (Cameras and bikes respectively). In both cases you get to take the goods away with a smile knowing that you got the best price. But as important you get to deal with real people – which has to be worth something!

  4. yes, I agree, that is absolutely where the retail fightback has to come from. Great prices are a must, but so is great service and advice – which you struggle to get from online retailers.

    The bike looks cool though, i’ll race you on my Cannondale Badboy!

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