National Rail – We pretend we listen

I don’t want to pick on you, honestly. I like your train booking service.

But there is nothing and I mean nothing worse than pretending to listen, saying you’re going to act and then simply not bothering.

I gave National Rail quite a hard time a few weeks ago as they sent me an email from a ‘noreply’ email address and pretended it was from my new best friend and CEO Chris. You can read that here.

But they really impressed me with their instant response on Twitter. I had high hopes. For a moment or two I thought it may actually be worth big organisations having teams monitoring and responding in social media platforms.

But then they reverted to type and 13 days after their initial email, they sent me this.

National Rail - We pretend we listen, but we don't.
National Rail - We pretend we listen, but we don't.

Worse still, it is asking for me to be involved in telling them what I think.

I told them what I think and they ignored it.

Any business is allowed to make a mistake. We all do, but hopefully we learn from them and change something to not make them again. To come out so publicly and say you were going to change ad then not quite bothering is terrible.

I’m sure you’ll pick this article up again, like you did last time. I reckon we may get some platitudes, but this is really, really poor.


National Rail have just proved to me why they shouldn’t bother with a social media or PR team. What is the point in listening to Twitter if you don’t act ion feedback. What is the point on surveying your customers if you do nothing with what you learn from the information.

You truly are a pathetic bunch.

National Rail really don't listen at all - What a pathetic bunch
National Rail really don't listen at all - What a pathetic bunch

Why do you keep sending me emails from DONOTREPLY email addresses more than a month after you said you’d stop doing it?

4 thoughts on “National Rail – We pretend we listen

  1. Hi John,

    I had the misfortune of dealing with 3 Mobile when cancelling my mobile broadband account, recently. A few hours after sorting it out, I had a return call from 3 wanting my thoughts on their customer service. Get this. It was a recorded message wanting me to answer using my keypad. I don’t even know where to start getting mad!

  2. You may also notice that they didn’t even bother replying to this article, so no pretence of listening or reacting.

    get blogging Rob!!

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