How trends and creativity become contagious

This is a brilliant little film that really looks into how trends take off. It references Malcolm Gladwell and his Tipping Point theory. It is beautifully filmed all over New York and makes so much sense throughout. It’s creative, well thought through and relevant – without being up itself.

The killer point for me in the whole 13 minutes is the supposition by Jon Cohen, CEO of Cornerstone that any brand needs to be based on passion. I agree 100%.

The other great point is that what influences one person will just not be the same as what influences another. So we have to be individual. Create things because they’re great, not because the research said that they would be broadly acceptable to a mass audience. That’s a way to run a big brand and try not to mess it up too badly, but certainly not a way to create one in the first place. If everyone else is zigging, then zag.

Briliant, brilliant, brilliant.

And thanks to my mate Patrick Chapman, Marketing Director of WDA Automotive for pointing it in my direction.

2 thoughts on “How trends and creativity become contagious

  1. Wow a great piece of film – and I agree about the message. As they point out it is the folks who spot the trend ahead of the trend – and deliver it who are really smart. The messages are powerful – but the backdrop is superb – and I can’t wait to be back there in three weeks!!!

  2. The term Mavens, outliers and probably freaks applies to the people who create trends. They have to have the nerve to make mistakes and stand on their own for quite a while before others follow.

    And yes, the backdrop is amazing.

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