Soletrader – Rather exceptional customer service

My Brand New Doctor Marten shoes
My Brand New (replacement) Doctor Marten shoes

In September 2009, I rather excitedly wrote about my new pair of Doctor Marten Shoes. I loved them so much that I wore them almost every day. I polished them, I cleaned them, I genuinely loved them.

But this Christmas, disaster struck. The sole split on the left shoe and the welt came away from the sole on the front, making me squeak as I walked and giving me wet socks every time I went outside in the rain. Not nice.

So, in steps our hero Dave Mercer, Customer services supremo at Soletrader. A few emails later and my obviously faulty shoes were sent back to them for his attention. Looking good so far.

The result?

A new pair arrive at my office by return post and a genuinely warm feeling towards Soletrader. It must be pretty tough going being a shoe retailer in a tight market, so to still give this level of service is exceptional.

Thanks Dave. I wish all retailers were as good as you guys.

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