Purple Circle – Midlands Design Agency of the year (again)

In the Drum magazine today, it was announced that Purple Circle have been named Midlands Design Agency of the year for 2010. Which is really rather good news. It’s the third time in four years we have won it.

2010 was a very tough year for us, we had some key people leave us, we had our nicest member of staff ever pass away and we had a government that decided that it would not just run down it’s spend with the creative services industry, but switch it off immediately and altogether. After ten years investing in a creative industries sector, they decided they were going to attempt to kill it overnight by totally withdrawing all of their work. It was our very own Annus horribilis. If we found it tough, some of our peers found it disastrous with some great and famous agencies falling by the wayside.

So to have survived and adapted at all was a pretty happy ending for us and it is genuinely the icing on the cake to have our peers voting to say our work is still the best you can get in our sector in the midlands.

Thankyou the Drum. We love you a little bit more now, than we even did before.

2011 will be better. And we’re going for four out of five.

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