How would you like your graphic design?

How would you like your graphic design - Good bad or ugly?

For years we have said that clients invariably get the work they deserve. The more effort they put into getting the brief right, the better the work is at the end of the process. Great design doesn’t happen by accident, it takes time, work, training, skill and experience.

It may have only taken me a few minutes to do this particular piece of work, but it took me twenty tears to learn how to do it in a few minutes.

Thanks to the team from for showing me this graphic.

5 thoughts on “How would you like your graphic design?

    1. I suppose i should have expected that question. To be honest, there are certainly one or two. Have a look at our portfolio and see if you can guess which ones.

      They tend to be the ones we have worked with for a good length of time and rather than the relationship going stale, we try to work harder to keep surprising them with new ideas and work. Most are also now paying less for their work than when they appointed us because of the way the market is at present.

  1. So if I was the Marcomms Director on the other side of the table, I’d smile menacingly and say yes, John, that’s very amusing, but what your circles should really say is ‘On Time’, ‘Cost-Effective’ and ‘Exceeds Expectations’…

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