5 thoughts on “Aldi Chorizo – A little sign of a big brand problem

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  2. The Aldi stores in the states have discontinued the chorizo. Too bad, it was one of the best tasting store bought chorizos I’ve had and I’ve tried a bunch.

  3. I’ve also noticed a decline in quality at Aldi over the past 6 months or so. They recently changed a lot of their brands and the quality on all of the rebranded products is a step down from what they were previously selling. The quality declines that I noticed most were on their jumbo cinnamon rolls, their version of Oreos and vanilla sandwich creme cookies, bacon, and canned small peas (used to be called early June peas). I’ve also noticed that the prices at Aldi seem to creep up a little with each visit there. They are still lower than most other grocery stores, but between the decline in quality and the price increases, my reasons for going to Aldi are starting to disappear. I agree that their focus has moved from “great quality at low prices” back to “low prices”. I didn’t shop at Aldi for many years because of their reputation for poor quality. I started shopping there about 8 years ago when I heard about their new focus on selling better quality items while maintaining cost savings. I would hate to see them return to the crap quality of products they were selling in the past.

    1. I’m glad i’m not the only one then! I think we have hit the bottom on prices, like we did in the 80’s and the fight back will be on quality.

      But I suspect that the market will divide even further. There will be the Waitrose/small deli/local butcher set at the top and then the Asda/Iceland set at the bottom.

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