The new iPhone 4G

Okay, I want one.

I’m not sure how they claim it’s 24% thinner and i’m not sure i need to be able to edit video on my phone or have face to face video chats (like my old Nokia phone used to be able to do years ago) but Apple seem to have, yet again, hit the design about right and will have people queueing up to own the new iPhone 4G.

Steve Jobs didn’t look too well, but he certainly got the crowd whooping in his latest keynote. He highlighted eight of the claimed 100 new features of the iPhone 4G device. How many of these will we need or use?

Who cares? I still want one.

13 thoughts on “The new iPhone 4G

  1. Amazingly our contract has just ended this week – so 24 June looks like a long tiome to wait for one. Who cares about all that details stuff – it will match my ipad… tee hee.


    1. You jammy bugger. i think we have at least six months to run on ours! What a shame I won’t be able to have a video chat or ‘Face-off’ with you.

      Bring on the pornographers who are going to be all over that little piece of functionality. Lesley Grantham will be delighted.

      1. That was a horrible thought – a ‘face off’ with you. Yuk. Just off to be sick.

    1. I’m not sure you can compare Alan Partridge with that horrible scene. Is it some sort of home movie filmed on one of you lads weekends away ‘golfing‘?

  2. I have a 3GS and the new software from 4G will be avilable to download to my phone too, according to Apple. And that’s as techy as I get.

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