HSBC 100 Thoughts

I just had this rather cool email.

HSBC 100 Thoughts winner
HSBC 100 Thoughts winner

Congratulations, you’re our second HSBC 100 Thoughts winner.

As a winner you are invited to one of the HSBC 100 Thought events. These events are taking place around the country and there will be a number of business thinkers and influencers making up the panels. You will get exclusive access to the panel at your chosen event.

Your thought will also be entered into a public vote and if you win you’ll receive a one to one consultation with a globally renowned business guru (who we will be announcing very soon).

I’ve listed the events below for you to choose from. Not every panel has been firmed up yet but I’ve entered the ones we know for you. They start fairly early and are finished by around 10.30 so you shouldn’t need much time out of work to attend.

Please let me know which event you’d like to come to. We will pay for travel, via standard class rail or mileage rates approved by HM Revenue & Customs, to and from the event and this will be reimbursed after the event.

And the thought?

“#100thoughts if you really want to improve your business, why not give your customers a really good listening too.”

Which is something we have been talking about for ages anyway, as the problem with most social media strategies is that they involve a lot of talking and not enough listening.

Funnily enough, my other entry “#100thoughts if you can’t change the people, change the people.” didn’t get picked!

Just to prove it’s one we believe in, we did employ a bit of good listening only yesterday to our good friend and client Lisa Harlow, who has given us some direct feedback as to how we can simplify our own presentation at Purple Circle. Her idea is being actioned now and will be live on our website within the next day or so! It works.

So i’m off to the Nottingham event on July 15th.

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