Jimmy Bullard’s Wash and Go Ad

It’s all very funny and that , but in what way is this adding to the brand value of Wash and Go. As an April fool it may have worked, but this came out in mid March. What on earth were they thinking? He’s ugly, not too well known and very few of us would aspire to his look. I think size zero models can be a disaster for many brands and real life could be where it’s at, but this is a badly executed, badly filmed parody that should have stayed as a joke amongst the creatives.

For the record, here is one of the original ads from 1991. (the year we started Purple Circle!). I wonder what happened to Vidal Sassoon?

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Bullard’s Wash and Go Ad

  1. I dunno, John. I personally like the advert – it harks back and pokes fun at the cheesy adverts that everyone already associates with Wash & Go. I’ve hardly seen anything of them for at least 10 years so it’s not as though they’re destroying years of hard work that has gone into building their brand.

  2. I’d be interested to know what others think too as I personally hate it and think it does nothing but harm. But you’re right Rob, it’s not as though we’ve heard much from them for years anyway.

    For me that makes this all the more strange and inappropriate that they have come back with such a hateful ad.

    If they were seriously looking to rebrand and relaunch this is hardly going to propel them back to the top of the market where they one were. It may get a few footie fans/pub team players buying it for a laugh to take the piss in the showers after their Sunday game, but no more than that.

    1. Maybe getting “a few footie fans/pub team players buying it for a laugh to take the piss” would double their market share!

      They must have fairly dedicated customers to have been going this long with (virtually?) no advertising, none of whom I would imagine would stop buying it on the basis of this campaign. Equally, I don’t believe it will encourage many new customers. So I agree, it is an odd move, but I don’t think a damaging one.

      To be fair, it’s a name that everyone of a certain minimum age knows. The original ads were heavily mocked and parodied at the time, so I’d imagine that after years of steady business they thought it’d be a bit of fun to have a poke back.

      Like you say, it’d be interesting to hear other people’s opinions (who doesn’t love Jimmy Bullard as I do! 😉 )

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