New TV ad for Drench

These guys have done some very clever ads which I have to say are helping them build a realy powerful brand in a very crowded sector of Bottled water.

It’s well filmed and constructed and reminds me of the childhood game of mousetrap and the domino rallies we used to create (but not with Goldfish)

Have a look and see what you think.

For those of you who haven’t seen the others, here’s another brilliant one. A very brave 1:30 Ad featuring the dancing skills of Brains from Thunderbirds.

If you read the background intro to the brand which is owned by Britvic, it says this “drench® is 100% clear, crisp spring water from a spring deep within the rolling hills of Yorkshire. drench® can be found on the shelves of major supermarkets in 2L, 1.5L. 750ml and 500ml packs, providing a range of packs suitable for different occasions to ensure you remain topped up throughout the day, helping your brain and body work at its best.”

There are so many other ways that this could have been interpreted. Their decision to NOT make it all traditional and ‘Yorkshire’ does go to prove that there is still some real craft left in our industry. It doesn’t look like a cheap ad to produce, but it certainly wasn’t ludicrously expensive and yet, by playing out their own fun element of the brand they have managed to differentiate themselves from all the rather more dull and traditional adult oriented water products in the market.

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