Putting my money where my mouth is

It may be slightly more expensive, but at least I feel (vaguely) human

I booked a flight this morning to go an join my family in Spain in the Summer and as it’s just me on my own, I thought I’ll just go for the cheapest available. It’s not for long anyway. It’s only a 2.30 hr flight.

But when I went onto Skyscanner and saw the prices of both Ryanair and BMI Baby were almost identical, guess which one I booked? BMI baby was £93 and Ryanair £88.

Yes, it’s BMI Baby for me. And whilst they tried to sell me a seat selection so I could stay with my group (at £7.99 per seat and £10.99 for extra legroom seats) that I’m not in, it was a far more open experience.

I hate the Ryanair brand. It makes me feel grubby and they attempt to catch you out with every single policy they introduce from online check in to the choice of cards you choose. When I booked the flight for our ski holiday, I used Easyjet and the card payment cost me an additional £3.50. With Ryanair for the four of us that would have been £30 as I don’t have one of their prepaid chav cards to hand, which is the only way you can get out of paying a stinging credit card fee. Hmmmm.

Brands that treat their customers that badly always fail in the end. The only good thing about Ryanair is that they are keeping the others keen with their pricing.

4 thoughts on “Putting my money where my mouth is

  1. Too true, John,

    There can’t be many air travellers in the country who don’t understand the Ryanair brand promise – you’re going to be stung every step of the way. It’s not as if they really make any attempt to set expectations any higher these days (Ooh, what a bargain!). And yet we still experience that feeling of being had every time an extra cost appears.

    It’s the difference between “cheap and cheerful” and “cheap and nasty” and it doesn’t have to be a big difference to make all the difference to the brand experience. Some brands get it right and some, as you say, will fail.

  2. I agree entirely. I was abandoned by them last year in Spain – they had a problem with the plane – which became my problem. The flight was 1p there and £14.99 back – total bill £153. Thats because I wanted a seat on the inside I think.

    Never again – I would rather walk.

    At least you can have a pee in the hedge and not have to pay – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7914542.stm


  3. Agreed – the irrating music, adverts and stings all the way and the promise of ‘free’ flights (last time my ‘free’ flight was £73 with no luggage or anything) make you feel cheap – when the experience doesn’t need to feel that bad. but their irritating CEO clearly doesn’t care: I’m not convinced consumers do that much – money talks. When the price differential is negligible like in the case of your flight, many will opt for the ‘better’ service, but while they can keep the prices extremely keen (and routes in regional airports offer few choices of carriers) I can see RyainAir being a major travel brand for many years to come.

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